Things Appear Clearer from Distance

When we view things from a distance often they appear clearer. Proximity to things and our emotions often muddle our vision. Thus we are able to have a very objective perspective of the behaviour of other countries but it is not so in respect of our own country. It will do us good to develop a detached and more objective view for our own good as well as our country. I will analyse few incidents about China, Nepal and India to explain my point.


China is attempting to trample democracy in Hong Kong and bring in laws to facilitate that. In India there will be absolute consensus on this point of view. Please read the report:


PM Oli’s survival as PM is at stake. He is a pseudo nationalist and has brought about the issue of border dispute with India to ensure his survival. There is no ambiguity in the thinking of Indians as regards this point. Please read this report:


For anyone outside India it is quite clear that Modi, a pseudo nationalist, has brought an unconstitutional CAA to continue his divisive politics in India. The government is registering fabricated cases against political opponents and is handling the Delhi violence of Feb 2020 in an absolutely biased manner. Please read these reports:





We Indians can see the truth very clearly as regards China and Nepal but a majority are blind to the truth close at home and continue to support falsehood and injustice being promoted by our ‘Hindutva’ government. It would be in the interests of India that we support truth and justice. This is vital for our progress as a democracy otherwise we will continue to decline in all major parameters of democracy, economy, poverty alleviation, education and health, as is happening, but the majority is unable to know this because it is blind to the truth close to home.

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