Understand Genius of Modi

Understand Genius of Modi

I am popularly considered “anti-Modi”. I just realized that there is considerable merit in this allegation. The reason is that because of my incompetence I have failed to grasp the genius of Modi. A genius is a person who has already taken steps to eradicate a problem from the roots while others are making plans to cut some branches of the tree. Let me not indulge in word play & come to explaining the main issue of discussion in this blog.

Definition of Problem

India has a huge population and it is a great strain on India’s natural resources. The strain has been aggravated by the influx of immigration from Bangladesh and Nepal. Now common people like me would think of the following solutions:

  • Improve the economy to feed the large population.
  • Plan to check the immigration by fencing along the border like India has done with Bangladesh & Trump wants to create a wall with the Mexican border.

The genius of Modi thought about the reason for the immigration & realized that it was because India, being economically stronger, offered better job opportunities.

Problem Resolved by Genius!

The modern messiah decided to weaken the economy to eradicate the incentive to immigrate for Bangladeshis and Nepalese. He has succeeded. Please read this report. Not only has he brought the GDP below Bangladesh and Nepal but done such fine tuning to keep Hindu Rashtra happy by keeping the GDP ahead of arch enemy Muslim Pakistan. No wonder India is “Vishwa Guru”!

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