Kamandal politics of Advani had made Vajpayee the PM of NDA. Advani, who, if India had been a just and fair society, should have been in jail for the grave sin of the demolition of the Babri Masjid, became the most powerful Home Minister and arguably the most powerful politician in India at that time. Thanks to Vajpayee, NDA government pursued the Ram-Mandir agenda and divisive politics only to come to power and pursued good economic policies and focused on development. His handling of Kashmir was the best we have seen in recent times. India actually witnessed, “ache din” during Vajpayee.


Indians made a serious mistake of bringing Sonia to power and not re-electing Vajpayee. The UPA-1 government, supported by the communists was bad. However, the economic policies of Vajpayee government were continued to some extent and India witnessed decent growth. The UPA-2 government did not have the communists and could have done well. However, UPA-2 government brought misery to India. High fiscal deficit, high inflation, massive corruption, lowered growth and policy paralysis annoyed most of the Indians and Indians were desperate for change.


Salient aspects of Modi’s image in 2014 were:

  • Getting Muslims killed in 2002.
  • Good administration in Gujarat.
  • Since he had no family to promote, he was expected to be non-corrupt.

Beginning of Modi

I, like many others, also loved the slogan, “Abki-baar-Modi Sarkar”. I had thought that like Vajpayee, Modi would use the divisive politics to only come to power and would administer India, a diverse society, with a secular outlook, which is actually the only sensible way to govern India. I actually believed in the slogan, “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas”. I was very happy the way he started with trying to mend fences with Pakistan and tried to bring the land acquisition ordinance. Forming a coalition government with the PDP in Kashmir was a good act. The land border issue with Bangladesh was resolved. I felt that now we would have sound economic policies and development. Then Modi got scared of the tag-“Suit-boot-ki-Sarkar”. Since then Indians have suffered greater misery than the Sonia misrule.

Modi’s Handling of Economy

Modi inflicted economic misery through demonetization & the ill-planned GST. We realized by 2016 that the so called “Gujarat development model”, was only a hoax. Modi was an incompetent administrator and his focus was on propaganda and elimination of all forms of dissent, both inside the BJP and in the country. Thus we got plenty of slogans, “Make in India”, “Start-up India”, “Digital India”, “Swachh Bharat”, “Beti-bachao-Beti-parhao”, numerous “Pradhan Mantri Yojnas” & I don’t know what all.  These were mostly propaganda exercises with little desire to deliver anything on ground. Some amount of good was done from the perspective of the economy like,

  • Infrastructure development,
  • Power sector reforms and increased capacity and
  • Controlling the fiscal deficit and inflation.

These things were over-shadowed by the ills inflicted on the economy. I was greatly angered by the following:

  • Failure to capitalize on such a powerful mandate.
  • Failure to usher reforms for growth and employment generation.
  • Greater amount of corruption than the Sonia misrule. ( I request the poorly read doubters of this statement to just assess the magnitude of corruption from the quantum of NPAs increased under Modi misrule, the black money generated through the electoral bonds scheme & the Rafale deal).

Unemployment & Rural Distress

The cumulative effect of the bad policies resulted in increased unemployment, rural distress and social unrest.


Realizing the total failure on providing development Modi went back to the dirty, divisive, communal politics for survival. The shining examples of this desperation are incredible actions like:

  • Yogi as CM of UP.
  • Recently nomination of Pragya as candidate from Bhopal.
  • Treating Kashmir almost like an alien state. The senseless policies of terminating trade with Pakistan and restriction on civil movement on the NH will further alienate Kashmiris. It seems that to consolidate the Hindu vote bank Modi is willing to sacrifice Kashmir & Kashmiris.

Vajpayee was Fine, Sonia was Bad, Modi is Worst

I was angered by the decision of Indians to vote out Vajpayee and we suffered Sonia for 10 years. I looked with hope towards Modi to end the misrule. Modi has now governed India so badly that we start feeling that Sonia was better. I hope Indians vote sensibly now!

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