Vikas Dubey: Tragedy, Humour & Harsh Reality

Vikas’ Survival Uncomfortable for Yogi & BJP

“Dead men tell no tales” is a quote from RL Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Survival of Vikas Dubey had become too uncomfortable for CM Yogi and BJP. Vikas would have told facts about the complicity of BJP in supporting his crimes. He was hence shot in a fake encounter like his other accomplices. There is another great thing happening in India today. Fake encounters have social sanction. Jaya Bachchan promoted the idea in Rajya Sabha & the country celebrated the killings of the 4 rapists and murderers of Priyanka in Hyderabad in Dec 19.

Indians Love Criminals More Now than Earlier

In the popular movie, “Deewar” Shashi Kapoor, the Police inspector brother tells his criminal brother, Amitabh that the path he had chosen leads to a bad result always. This was, probably, the popular belief in 1975. Things have changed today. Crime is a lucrative industry and it can make a person powerful. One can become an MP, CM or maybe more. It is worth noting that CM Yogi has been involved in various crimes in the past and has been responsible for the killings of numerous criminals in fake encounters since he became CM. Our honourable HM was an accused in the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case and is considered by some (including me) as responsible for the controversial killing of Justice Loya. 40 percent of MPs face criminal charges and 55% of BJP MPs face criminal charges. Indians love criminals and their chances of election are higher than people facing no criminal charges.

Vikas was also a politician and had won elections at district level. His wife had also won election at the same level.

Some Interesting Things

· Vikas kept avoiding arrest for quite a few days.
· Vikas moved around in only BJP governed states.
· Vikas’ house was demolished probably to eliminate evidence of the killings of the 8 Policemen.
· The story of the fake encounter is laughable and even a kid from UP will not believe it.
· An interesting question: How long would Vikas have survived if his name was Vikas Khan?


· Intellectually challenged people led by emotions will celebrate the fake encounter killing of Vikas as great and swift justice.
· Yogi and BJP will also be rejoicing because uncomfortable stories will not come out now.


Modi and Yogi will continue to need more Vikas Dubeys in the future. After all criminals are needed like the ones used to attack students in Jamia and JNU during the anti-CAA protests and to engineer riots like those in Delhi in Feb 20 as also eliminating uncomfortable activists like Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh. The leaders of such criminals have to be rewarded and some of them will rise up politically and some will get killed (Vikas) or jailed like Babulal Bajrangi. Life in India is cheap; people have to take risks; numerous unemployed labourers and poor farmers are dying of poverty and starvation. I have seen people dying in trying to collect scrap metal at field firing ranges. Given the scenario I see no dearth of more Vikas Dubeys emerging in the future India: demand is there and supply is plenty!



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  1. Sir I am completely in sink with your views and feel encounter of vikas was planned one driven by emotional rage. I have one doubt that vikas was involved in killing of BJP MLA and had contested election for BSP( not sure it might be SP, but surely not BJP) how he would work for BJP. What role a common man like us could play to nip in the bud.
    Lastly it isn’t related to this blog, what all topics I should prepare for GD/LECTURETTE as my ssb is scheduled on 2 aug. Thyaks in advance sir

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