We don’t Need Trump/Modi/Rahul to Bring Cheer in 2019!

We don’t Need Trump/Modi/Rahul to Bring Cheer in 2019!

Sorry to all those who care to read this! I wish all of you a happy new year but the truth is that the prospects appear rather gloomy. Let us understand the gloom & see if we can seek something bright.

World Economy

The highlight of the world economic scene is that Trump led America is seeking trade wars with everyone in general & China in particular. The concept of ‘America first’ will not benefit either US or anyone else. Nobody will win this stupid war & humanity will lose. Overall it means for the common person-less growth & less jobs & reduced commitment to saving our environment. There is little that we can do except wait till Trump’s tenure ends or wish that he gets impeached.

India: Economy & Jobs

Modi’s incompetent ‘hard-work’ has proved grossly inferior to ‘Harvard’. I wish he had trusted wiser people more! There is hardly any growth. Even the average person realizes that the GDP figures are apparently fudged. Let us leave the issue of GDP figures; the fact remains that there are few jobs for the youth, farmers are in distress & MSMEs are in bad shape. I don’t see any hope of things improving in 2019.

India: Political Prospects

Most probably BJP will lose the 2019 general elections & even if it does not lose Modi-Shah-Yogi would be cut down to size. This will be good for India only because the situation has become very bad. Rahul’s star is on the rise after win in 3 states. There is nothing good that Rahul can promise India. It is the same old Congress way of working. Why I say this?

If Rahul had the competence and courage to effect change for the better then the decision to elect the CMs of Rajasthan & MP would have been taken by the respective MLAs in the respective states & not at Delhi & probably Sachin & Scindia would have been the CMs.

Democratic Institutions

Modi-Shah-Yogi have battered democratic institutions so badly that things will only get worse in 2019. Even if these guys are voted out of power, the new incumbents would be tempted to continue to misuse power. It will take considerable time & long term visionary leadership to rebuild these institutions. I don’t see any such leaders in the horizon.

UP-My State

With a criminal CM heading the state, who is proud of fake encounters, rule of BJP supported mobs will continue rather than rule of law. The situation is bad & will continue to deteriorate in 2019 with focus on religion & cow.

Meerut- Home Town

Nothing much encouraging is happening at Meerut. My Tennis friends and class mates continue to be serious Modi-Yogi supporters because they believe or want to believe that, “Hindu Khatre mein hai” & Modi is their savior.

No Frills Academy

No Frills Academy students continued to taste success reaffirming my faith in the old fashioned recipe of systematic planning and hard-work. Shubham Mehta, my first student (TES entry) got commissioned into Signals and Utsav Mehra (CDS) joined his father’s unit-11 GUARDS. The students showed great interest in helping each other. Shalini madam continued to help the students with English. Satyendra and Raj were ever ready to help me as well as other students whenever the need arose. The successful candidates inspired & guided other students. The prospects for future look bright.

Personal Front

I gained one more year of experience working with students of diverse backgrounds. I always learn more from my students than I can teach them. I kept injuring myself through over-training & was lucky to win two Tennis titles. Game is better than ever but the body keeps cracking. I have to be more careful!

Advice to Youth for 2019

 My advice to the youth is:

  • If you are a student please understand the basics of your core subjects well & develop the ability to express yourself well in English & remain physically fit.
  • If you are working then work sincerely & don’t think of quitting the job to prepare for competitive exams. Jobs are scarce; hence please consider yourself lucky to be employed.

Let Us Make it a Happy 2019!

Despite the gloomy prospects existing in the environment you & I can succeed through systematic and sincere efforts. Let us resolve to bring cheer around us in 2019. We can bring ‘achhe din’ for ourselves & our families; we don’t need Trump or Modi or Rahul to do that!

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