Why I will Not Vote for Modi in 2024?

Why I will Not Vote for Modi in 2024?

Being fed up, like most Indians, of the corruption and passivity of Sonia-Manmohan misrule, I was eagerly looking forward to Modi becoming PM in 2014.

The reason for my happiness when Modi became PM was that I expected him to work in the Vajpayee mould-keep the RSS agenda (Ram- Mandir, Article-370, Hindu-Muslim divide and so on) on the back-burner and pursue good economic policies and reduce the leftist policies of Sonia & energize India with good growth & reduced unemployment-(genuinely good days!).

By 2016 I had realized that Modi was giving us the economic policies of Sonia along with the energetic pursuit of Hindutva politics (both bad!) with prime focus on his own image building through propaganda. Moreover, he was determined to finish democracy.

Thus I have been sad for India since 2016. I was confident that despite all the black money, propaganda, control of media and institutions like the EC Modi would lose in 2019. The reason was simple: Indira had failed to continue her undemocratic misrule after Emergency & hence so should Modi. The weaknesses in my assessment were that there was no one like JP in 2019 to mobilize the masses, people had no faith in the Congress and surprisingly the false propaganda and communal politics were working.

I felt defeated for India in 2019 & started waiting for either of the two things to happen:

  • Hoping that Modi would start doing some good & hoping that my apprehensions about him were false (after all 90% of my class-mates & course-mates are ‘Modi-bhakts’ & told me that I was myopic).
  • Patiently wait for Modi to ruin India till 2024 & then people realizing their folly and voting him out.

Sadly for India, something different is happening. Modi is ruining India at a rate faster than I had thought. Even more surprisingly ‘Modi-bhakts’ are continuing to remain blind. Now that Ram Mandir issue is over so now Modi-Shah are shifting focus to NRC. They want tension, fear and divisive politics to continue.

I will definitely not be voting for Modi in 2024. I want betterment of India. I want some sense of ethics, morality and democratic norms to prevail. Modi’s idea of India is definitely not my idea of India.

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