Why is defeat of Trump Good for World?

US is the leader of the free world. The world looks up to it to set standards as regards the ideas of democracy and liberty. An effectively functioning US democracy is a living example to the world that the democratic system is morally far superior to communism and other ideologies. US leaders have always worked to promote democratic principles in the world.

Trump divided the US. He was a big promoter of white supremacy. US under Trump had become a doubtful democracy. The behavior of Trump made Xi, Putin, Bolsonaro & Erdogan look not that bad. Trump eroded democracy in the US and hence promotion of democratic principles in the world was obviously out of question.

Nobody could trust Trump because he was the biggest liar among the top leaders in the world.

Biden’s coming would provide a more ethical leadership to the US and the world. The divisions created in the US society need to be healed. It will set a good example for the world and hopefully the US will again promote democratic values in the world.

Trump’s loss is good for India because India is also in desperate need of a higher moral compass because two frauds have been running this huge country and they have set very low ethical standards.

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