Yogi's Criminalisation of Police

Yogi’s Criminalisation of Police

Yogi should consider himself a rival to Modi-Shah for the future leadership of BJP. Let us understand the logic.

  • Advani had become the biggest leader of BJP in 1990s because of his criminal act of demolition of Babri Masjid and the thousands of Muslims that were killed in his Hindu mobilisation against the Muslims.
  • Modi took over the mantle of leadership from Advani because he was complicit in killing of Muslims in Gujarat (though he has got a clean-chit from the judiciary).
  • Yogi’s record as a criminal is worse than Modi-Shah. In the eyes of Hindu radicals his record is superior to Modi-Shah in actions against Muslims. The CAA-NRC protests have given Yogi an opportunity to prove that he is much ahead of Modi-Shah. Please listen to this:


When people elect criminals as CMs then this is what we have to suffer. Please remember as per Hindu radicals Yogi is the potential candidate for PM.

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