10 Days SSB Preparation

10 Days SSB Preparation

If you have just 10 days to prepare for SSB you should realize the following important issues:

  • SSB is a comprehensive test of personality and if you have led a well- balanced life and have a well- rounded personality you will get selected without any preparation.
  • In case you have led a misbalanced life and do not possess a well-rounded personality you will not get selected.
  • Either way you cannot change anything drastically in 10 days and hence there is no need to panic. It makes sense to stay calm and improve upon a few things which you can.

Mental Preparation

Please read the, “SSB Tips” on my website:nofrillsacademy.com to understand the SSB process and the required mental attitude. This mental preparation will enhance your confidence. Please go with the attitude that you are suited to become an officer and you have nothing to hide about your past.

Screening In for SSB

  • OIR Test – Please practice for this test at least 4-5 times.
  • Practice once or twice.

Physical Fitness

You should acquaint yourself with what all physical tasks you would be required to perform in the GTO tasks. It will be sensible to know what you can do and what you cannot. No improvement is possible in this time. Please do not injure yourself in trying something which you cannot.

Psychology Test

Please see samples of TATs, WATs and SRTs and practice writing them two-three times so that you can do the test in time.

General Knowledge

In 10 days you should revise the following issues:

  • Knowledge about India’s geography.
  • Indian government and major ministers.
  • India’s economy and major problems.
  • Major social issues in discussion in recent times relevant to India.
  • Acquaint yourself with the most major current national and international events.
  • Knowledge about the Service opted for.
  • Knowledge about the PVC & Ashok Chakra awardees.

That is all!
10 days permit you about this much of preparation. Good luck!

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  1. Thanks sir, All the points are very important for those students who wants to know about the SSB and join Indian Army. But I want more guidance about SSB . So please help me

  2. sir, do they judge an individual on the basis of the how he’s carrying him self. meaning..
    >like candidate must be clean shaved before appearing to the ssb center.
    >he must be wearing the formal attire.
    >should have a clean hair cut.

  3. sir i want to know about documentation what if your marks are more or less than what you mention in your application( NCC Spl entry)?

  4. I am a student of 1st year, I want to join IMA. How can I prepare me for crack SSB interview. It’s the 8th toughest interview all over world. Please give me some tips. Please. What should I do and don’t….

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