2-3 Years Plan to Prepare for SSB

2-3 Years Plan to Prepare for SSB

2-3 years is a good time to mold your life in a way that you become suitable for the Defence Services. If you work with commitment in 2-3 years you can change your life. Please abide by the following advice:

  • SSB Websites.Do not read anything related to SSB on any website or take advice of anyone about SSB.
  • Fitness: Make yourself physically very fit, implying: 100 m run in 13 sec, 1 mile run in 5 min 15 sec, 50 push- ups, 16 chin ups & 50 sit ups if you are a boy and 100 m in 15 sec, 1 mile run in 6 min 30 sec, 20 push-ups, 3 chin ups & 40 sit ups if you are a girl.
  • English:
    • Gain ability to write an essay of 500 words on a GK topic in 20 min in good English without a single mistake of grammar or spelling.
    • Gain ability to speak fluent and correct English for 5 min on a GK topic with 5 min to prepare, without fumbling or groping for words.
  • Math: Become a 90 percent type in Math.
  • Main Subjects: Have clear understanding of the major subjects studied.
  • GK: Have good knowledge about India and India’s relations with neighboring countries and major world powers. Also know about major social issues in India.
  • Sports: Be able to represent school/college team in at least one sport.
  • Extra-curricular Activities: Actively participate in extra-curricular activities and organizing events in school/college.
  • Reading: You should read 8-10 good books in English to improve knowledge and expression.
  • Home: Be an obedient and responsible son/daughter and proactively assist your parents in discharging their professional and domestic responsibilities. If you have an elder brother or sister then help her or if you have a younger brother or sister then help her in studies and be a good role model for him/her. Make sure that your actions will make your parents proud of you.

Just abide by the above advice and you will have no problems in clearing SSB or getting placed in your choice job and leading a successful life.


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