Nipun Regains Self-Belief to Succeed

Nipun Regains Self-Belief to Succeed

Nipun Bhatnagar / of No Frills Academy cleared SSB recently. This is his message:

Nipun’s Words

Greetings fellow defence aspirants! I Nipun Bhatnagar from Delhi, recently got recommended for OTA (NT) CDS entry in my 6th attempt from 34 SSB Allahabad. Before this I had been conferenced out 4 times and screened out once.

I came across Col MM Nehru sir’s answers on quora and found his approach to guidance regarding SSB as well as self- improvement practical.

Before enrolling for his guidance, his PDF ‘the practical guide for becoming an officer’ had given me a deep insight into how one should structure his self- improvement.

So using this PDF and his answers on quora, over the course of 3 months, I worked on my routine as well as habits. This helped me improve my confidence and discipline.

After speaking to sir over the phone and Skype, he analysed me and the likely reasons for non- recommendation, and the correct approach for the next SSB was decided.

The approach emphasized more on:

  •  A logical approach based on my own thinking than thumb rules floating around on the internet.
  • Focus on logic and approach to tasks rather than attempting tasks with recommendation in mind.
  • Doing better in life – So, got a backup placement and started preparing for higher studies as a backup plan.

In the SSB,

Approached the interview with a cool mind and gave completely honest responses. The idea here was that if a particular decision I took was logical to me, then I should correctly convey it if asked in the interview, without fear of breaking any of the thumb rules.

Another area of focus was improving my daily routine, general knowledge, technical knowledge related to what I had studied in my engineering and physical fitness.

Every candidate has a different personality and may have different reasons for non- selection. So the same improvement cannot apply to all. With sir’s correct guidance, motivation and hard work put in by self, one can correct his shortcomings to fare better in life generally (and also SSB as a result).

Bottom line – the focus was on self- improvement rather than acing SSB. Correct analysis by sir and his guidance helped me perform well.

My Comments

Nipun is a competent person, who should have been recommended earlier but was apparently adversely affected by the large amount of mis-information that he was exposed to. This, sadly, is happening with quite a number of aspirants. Rejection had also dented his self-belief. In our short association he regained his self-belief and sought solutions to problems within rather than from others and became successful.

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