Abhishek Raj Gets Recommended!

Abhishek Raj Gets Recommended!

Abhishek Raj, e-mail: araj4865@gmail.com; of No Frills Academy got recommended in his 6th attempt. He has shared his experience for the benefit of aspirants.

Abhishek’s Words

I got recommended for IMA-147 from 24 SSB Bangalore in my 6th attempt. Previous 5 attempts were: 4 Conference out and 1 screen out. 


Total of 47 candidates reported. In OIR test the booklets were new and contained 75 and 60 questions to be solved in 35 and 30 minutes respectively. I solved almost all of them. (Later I found my OIR was 1). The key here is to try to do all. In PPDT there was a picture of a young kid in uniform with 2 men, one old and one young. I made a story about a guy who helps his younger brother who he is having problems in studies to get back on track and get good marks. Participated well in GD after a confident narration. 18 candidates got screened in. I just tried to follow what sir had said: “Try to get the group to the common story and not waste time on trivial things like age, sex and mood. Common theme was around my story so it helped a lot. 

Psychology Tests

Next day, it was psychology tests. The tip here is to not take a lot of “gyaan” from here and there and just write simple stories around what is shown in the pictures. In WAT, just be impromptu and in SRT, try to give logical complete solutions to the problems given. The e-book given by sir is more than enough. My SD was already prepared and approved by sir. 


GTO-1 went well. The topics for GD were-

1. How should India be the next superpower? 

a. Economy

b. Diplomacy

c. Defence

I took the lead of economy and touched upon various facets of internal and external affairs. 

2. Violence in the youth is increasing, what is the reason?

a. Upbringing 

b. Violent games and shows

c. Peer pressure. 

I took the lead on peer pressure and spoke logical points. 

GPE was chaotic but I tried to get the group to a single plan and get a solution. 

In PGT and HGT I participated actively, gave ideas and implemented them.

Advice: Don’t cut anyone off if they’re implementing an idea. It doesn’t have to look pretty; if it is working, it’s good enough. 

GOR was fun and we won. I repeated the obstacles when asked and helped the team to cross obstacles. 

In lecturette I got the topic, “Value of sports and games” and thanks to the daily discussions with aspirants, I had very good ideas and spoke in a structured manner –

1. Introduction

2. Issues in India

3. Solutions to the issues. 

4. Conclusion 

 GTO- 2

I did all the10 IOs. The command task was tough and I was asked to do it from all the 3 options. Got stuck at a point but implemented something else and it worked. 

In FGT too I did well. 


Interview was short and crisp; no GK questions were asked. There were no rapid fire questions. The interview was taken by the Board president and revolved around the decisions I took in life and my office work. 


In the conference, the discussion was a bit longer and I was asked questions rapidly about my mustache and why I have kept it like that? What changes I made this time? Which was the best task? What would I improve if I don’t make it this time? How would I feel as it would be one year at work now and the people of lesser age will be ordering me. I answered all the questions calmly.

Finally, 3 of us made it. Got fit in medicals and am now awaiting the merit list to join the IMA. Good luck to all & hope my advice is of some use!

Role of NFA

As the name suggests, this really is a no nonsense academy and Nehru sir is a good mentor. Just follow whatever he says and implement the changes in lifestyle. He will never give you mantras to write stories or do this and that in GTO but tell you the harsh reality of making it- ‘CHANGE YOURSELF’. This sounds difficult at first but he will guide you through the same. After the initial discussions, when he told me that I was competent enough to get recommended provided I didn’t lose my nerves and remained calm throughout the process. He advised me to just do the tasks given to the best of my ability and not with an intention to impress the assessor. I followed the advice and got through. Thanks a lot for the same sir. Jai Hind! 

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