Advantages of Short Service Commission (SSC)

Advantages of Short Service Commission (SSC)

Indian Defence Services have a paucity of officers. The shortage is primarily in the lower ranks of Lt to Lt Col and their equivalent ranks in the Air Force and Navy. There is no shortage in the ranks of Col and above. In this scenario government is taking actions to make SSC entry more attractive. I am convinced that in the current Indian scenario SSC entry is good for the youth as well. Let us analyze the advantages of SSC entry in Defence Services.

Economic Situation in India

Notwithstanding the hype created by PM through slogans like ‘Make in India’ Indian job market is not growing as desired. Exports have been contracting and industries are operating at 70% capacity. Bad monsoon has led to low rural income and subdued rural demand. Over 49% of the population is agriculture dependent. Thus domestic demand is likely to remain low for some time. The current growth is largely ‘jobless’. Job market is expected to pick up in 5-6 years in India,with growth of industrial and services sectors. In the current situation becoming an officer in the Defence Services offers a lot of benefits.

Why SSC Entry?

SSC entry bestows the following advantages on the individuals joining:

  • An excellent career with good salary.
  • Five-ten years spent in Defence Services provide great advantage of all round development in a disciplined and efficient organisation. The experience gained by a person is valuable to get good employment in the corporate world.
  • In case an individual wants to get permanent commission it is not at all difficult. The individual has to be willing and without any serious problems of competence or conduct.
  • Defence Services provide good support in resettlement prior to leaving the service. It is better than any other organization in India.
Situation in India after 5-10 Years

As stated earlier the economic and job market situation in India is expected to be good in 5-10 years. Young SSC officers retiring would have good options of getting absorbed in the corporate world in good positions having bright options of fast career progression.

SSC versus Permanent Commission

Permanent commissioned officers do not have the option of getting released like the SSC officers after 5 years. The disadvantages are as follows:

  • An individual has to experience the service conditions himself to know how much it is to his liking. This knowledge cannot be gained by indirect experience. In case a permanent commissioned officer finds the organization not meeting his aspirations (there are a lot of such cases), then he is stuck in the organization and making efforts to get released. This is an undesirable situation to be in.
  • A SSC entry officer can opt to leave, or continue to serve for longer. This is a big advantage.


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