Advice for ACC Aspirants

Advice for ACC Aspirants

I have had several ACC aspirant students. Unfortunately, none has qualified SSB till date. This is the first blog I have written exclusively for ACC aspirants.

General Information in My e-book Applicable

The e-book written by me about personality development and SSB is as much applicable to ACC aspirants as any other Defence officer aspirant.

Major Weaknesses Observed in ACC Aspirants

  • 90% of the aspirants write preconceived stories in PPDT & mugged up stories in TAT. Some of such candidates get selected as well. It does not mean that what they are doing is right.
  • The above weakness is probably a result of misguidance in the Division, Corps or Command level training or training at Panchmarhi.
  • English is generally weak.
  • GK as well as knowledge about own Service and unit is inadequate.
  • The over focus on practice of psychology tests is bad and performance displays mugged up responses, rather than logically thought out responses.

General Strengths of ACC Aspirants

  • 90% of ACC aspirants are socially quite fine.
  • 90% of ACC aspirants are quite responsible and manage their finances well, take care of their families and are responsible workers in their units.
  • 90% of ACC aspirants are physically quite fit and can manage quite well in SSB, except for a few who are doing sedentary clerical work.
  • Generally, they practice well for OIR test & perform quite well in it.

Major Tips for ACC Aspirants

  • Please continue to maintain the points given above as the general strengths of ACC aspirants.
  • Do not write mugged up stories; write stories which relate to the picture. Please do not believe, the popular misconception. that it is not possible to formulate and write PPDT or TAT stories in the required time. It is very much possible.
  • Devote time regularly to improve English. Apart from a few Air Force candidates, I have rarely come across aspirants who have acceptable level of English. Those who have decent English have a high chance of getting selected. Realize the fact that English improvement may be a six months to one year affair rather than two-three months as desired by aspirants.
  • Please do not be in a hurry to attend SSB during basic training period as it is difficult to devote time to improve upon the weaknesses as training takes up a very major part of the time and it is important to focus on the training. It is better to focus on SSB after joining the unit.
  • Aspirants should keep their eyes and ears open and have good knowledge about the organization, equipment and functioning of their unit. I never recommended a student aspirant who did not have decent understanding of his graduation subjects and similarly never recommended any ACC aspirant who did not have a decent knowledge of the unit he was working in.
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