Akash Clears SSB!

Akash Clears SSB!

Akash, mobile:7265879790; e-mail:singhakash7763@gmail.com was always an energetic and enthusiastic student, who coordinated discussions for a large number of students of No-Frills Academy effectively. He has now cleared SSB. He has shared his experience with us.

Akash’s Words

I got recommended in my 2nd attempt from 31 SSB KAPURTHALA on 20 Oct 19 through UPSC entry.  

I got under guidance of Col. MM Nehru 16 months back. He analysed my personality and we planned to improve the shortcomings. After working on a set routine for 10 months I appeared for my first SSB at 19 SSB ALLAHABAD and got conference out. Sir analysed my performance and gave suggestions. I worked to improve further. We had Skype group on which we practiced GD, GPE and lecturette. This helped a lot during group tasks as I was well versed with group dynamics beforehand and handled each situation accordingly.  

My reporting was on 15 Oct 19. 39 candidates had reported. Next day i.e. DAY 1 was screening. OIR plays an important role and I was able to complete all questions in the designated time. Next was PPDT and I wrote a realistic story related to the picture. I narrated the story well and had a sensible GD. I avoided shouting in the fish market situation. I got screened in and filled PIQ. PIQ is simply the most important document, please fill it carefully and remember each detail.

2nd DAY was psychology tests for which I never practiced. I was specific with details in TAT. I wrote all 60 WAT responses spontaneously without bothering for any advice given in the numerous SSB websites. In SRT I gave reasonable, brief and comprehensive responses and finished all 60.

On the 3rd Day we had GTO tasks and I completed all the tasks and discussions with my group. I stayed natural and logical. Interaction with the group members off the testing hours helps a lot! I had interview on the same day. It went well as I was specific with my answers and provided logic for them.

On the 4th Day we had Individual obstacles, lecturette, command task and FGT. GTO tested me in a command task by giving a complex problem which was later simplified by me. I completed all the 10 obstacles. I had practiced for lecturette adequately with the group which helped me to bring a logical sequence to any topic in the allotted time. 

On the 5th day we had our conference and I was asked to rate myself and my favourite team members out of 10. I rated myself and others 10 as we gave our 100% in accordance to our capabilities. Result was announced and 3 of us got recommended. 

I would repeat the fact that SSB performance is a sample of our lives. Look at it in that way, be competent in routine life and you will be found competent at SSB. In the end I would like to thank Nehru sir for guiding me to success.

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