Arun Clears SSB

Arun Clears SSB

I rarely enroll students for less than a month. I enrolled Arun because it was his last attempt, there was very limited time available and being a good sportsman, he was fit and energetic. Given below are his words.

Arun’s Words

My name is Arun Phogat & I got recommended in my 2nd attempt from 31 SSB KAPURTHALA on 15th Nov 2019 for SSC (NT). In my 1st attempt I was conferenced out from 32 SSB KAPURTHALA.

When I got rejected, I was little disappointed but thought of putting more efforts for my next SSB. One of my friends advised me to read the blogs of Col MM Nehru sir. I read some blogs and these blogs appealed to me as they were logical and cleared my misconception and queries related to SSB. I analyzed my past performance. I introspected my personality and figured out my strengths and weaknesses. I started working on them in a systematic manner as advised by sir in blogs. Before 20 days of my SSB I thought of taking guidance from sir as I thought that sir can help me in analyzing my personality and improve on my weaknesses better. Moreover, since his guidance is for overall improvement, I felt that it would be beneficial. I started working on his advice and sir cleared my doubts regularly. I participated in group discussions and GPE over WhatsApp group of NFA. I was little nervous before SSB as it was my last SSB.

My reporting was on 10 Nov.  We were 56 candidates for screening. OIR plays an important role but I was able to solve only 60% of them. It made me nervous but I recalled one blog of sir in which it was told that it carries only 25% of weightage and 75% was still remaining. So I focused on remaining 75% and got screened in with 19 other candidates.

Second day was our Psychology tests. I perceived the images clearly and wrote simple and logical stories in TAT, wrote spontaneous and simple WAT response but was able to compete 56 only and completed 51 SRT. 

3rd day was our GTO and I participate in group actively and completed all the tasks but also made some mistakes. I was not satisfied with my GPE.  Late in the evening was my Interview.  I answered all the questions honestly and accepted my weaknesses and told him how I was working on them also told him about the guidance from Col MM Nehru sir. I also missed some questions while answering multiple questions.

Fourth day was our GTO-2 day and in IO I complete 15 obstacles as I have been a sports person. My command task was little difficult. I completed that.  After completion of all the tasks when I analyzed my performance, I realized that I had committed some mistakes.  I was not able to complete WAT and according to some friends some of the stories were negative in TAT. In interview I missed some questions and also accepted my past personality weaknesses. Also, I had asked question from IO sir at the end of the interview. In GTO I had broken some rules but repeated those tasks. 

So before conference my confidence was low as I thought that this time also, I will not be able to make it. I called Col MM Nehru sir and he advised me keep calm and believe in myself. He advised me to answer any questions calmly, if asked, in conference. 

Next day in conference some questions were asked and I answered honestly and with confidence.  When the results were announced I was recommended along with four other candidates.  Sir’s blogs and guidance helped me a lot in clearing this SSB.

Two important things I want to mention here are that:

  • Trust System. Friends who were disagreeing with my TAT responses and answers in my interview were also recommend despite the fact that our views were different. So, it is better to trust the task of assessing our performance on the three professional assessors.
  •  Don’t Let Past Performance Affect Next Performance. If we have not been able to perform some task well then, we should forget it and try to give our best in the next task. Had I allowed my OIR performance to affect the performance in PPDT I would not have been writing this success story!

Thank you sir.

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