Ayoosh Clears SSB!

Ayoosh Clears SSB!

Ayoosh Gupta (e-mail:guptaayoosh@gmail.com) of No Frills Academy has recently cleared SSB. These are his words:

Ayoosh’s Words

Hi everyone. This is Ayoosh Gupta from Jammu. I got recommended to join Indian army for SSC Tech 52 entry from SCN Kapurthala. I was declared medically fit and now as the merit list is out, I have secured AIR 9 in Electronics and Communication branch.

This journey was not quite easy. This was my 11th attempt at joining the defence forces. My 4 SSBs were before my graduation. In my final year, I saw Col MM Nehru’s answers on quora and was quite convinced about the methodology. I decided to give it a try and enrolled for his guidance.

In my first (Feb 2017) interaction with him, he told me the areas where I lacked and the aspects where I had adequate skills. After this interaction, I came to know that my perception about myself was totally different from what he judged it to be. I used to think that I was very determined to join defence but from his point of view, it was totally different. He gave me reasons for this and I was totally convinced. At this moment, I realized that an unbiased opinion is very important. You will always see the positives in yourself and this is wrong. He told me the areas where I had to improve. I took it very seriously and started to work on a plan suggested by him. After this, we frequently interacted and he took note of my improvements.

After some time, I came to see the improvements in myself. I had got a job in an MNC, got physically fit and my confidence increased many folds. At this time, Sir told me I am competent enough to clear the SSB. But, this was not the case at the selection centres. I was not recommended again. I stuck to the same routine and improved myself more. I discussed with Sir again about my performance in SSBs and he told me that I got nervous and deep down inside I also knew this was the case. Sir told me to go with a free mind and don’t bother about the result. It was more easy to say than to implement and the result again was ‘Not Recommended’. I knew where I was lacking. So, in my next SSB, I went with a mindset that I don’t care about the result and I am here only to enjoy. Everything went smooth and I was recommended.

Advice to Aspirants

To all those people who are seeking a career in defence forces, I would just say that if you are under the guidance of Nehru sir, you are lucky. Even if you are not succeeding at SSBs, you will surely excel in life and this is a fact.

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  1. I totally agree with you Ayoosh when you say that you succeeded when your mindset was carefree of the result. This is a very deep learning. This is what Krishna teaches Arjuna-do what you have to do..do not bother about the results.
    The second point which I wholeheartedly agree with you is the guidance given to students and aspirants by Col Nehru. He is a karmyogi. He will always tell you upfront where you are lacking than beat about the bush.
    Congratulations Ayoosh. May you have a fruitful tenure in the Indian Army.

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