Common Traits of Successful Candidates

Common Traits of Successful Candidates

Successful  SSB candidates have some common traits. It will help to know and develop such traits.

Common Competencies

The major common competencies of successful candidates are:

  • Physically fitness.
  • Good English.
  • Good GK.
  • Clear headed.

SSB Performance

  • Screening –in: Successful candidate performs well in the OIR test. In PPDT he makes a story which relates well to the picture shown and is about routine life events and narrates it well in less than one minute. In discussion he does not involve in out-shouting others but makes few sensible points calmly and contributes towards building a consensus story.
  • Psychology Test: He is not interested in knowing views of others about tricks for the test. He does the following:
    • Stories: He makes simple stories like in PPDT, no PVCs are won or Modi’s schemes are promoted by the main characters of the stories. The blank slide story is about his success in life.
    • SRT: He does more than 50 SRT, giving short comprehensive answers displaying his proactive nature to resolve the problems.
    • WAT: He writes simple and short sentences which bring out the meaning of the words used and ignores all nonsense tips about making positive sentences.
    • Self-description: He writes a brief and comprehensive self-description.
  • GTO: He works as an effective team member and does not try to impress the GTO, remains calm and behaves politely.
    • GD: He gives few sensible points, listens to others and never repeats his points.
    • GPE: He makes a sensible and practical plan which can be implemented in the allotted time. He neither gives nor accepts points which are impractical.
    • PGT & HGT: He gives practical ideas and helps the group cross the obstacles.
    • Individual Obstacles: He plans the sequence of doing the obstacles to maximize his marks. Being fit he is able to complete all the obstacles.
    • Command Task: He selects subordinates based on their suitability for the task and does the task well without being disturbed by the pressure being created by the GTO.
    • Snake Race: He helps the group cross the obstacles fast without breaking any rules.
    • Lecturrete: Since his GK is good he speaks on a difficult topic impressively.
    • FGT: He takes complete interest in solving the task same as PGT.
  • Interview: He answers all the questions honestly and confidently. He has neither any desire to impress the IO or give replies which he may like. In answering questions considered tricky like:
    • Teachers you did not like.
    • Subjects you did not like.
    • Boys in your group you did not like.
    • Negative qualities of your parents.
    • Why did marks drop?
    • Why you are not employed?
    • Why do you want to join the Army?
    • What will you do if you are not selected?

He never discusses his answers to such questions with anyone prior to the interview because he finds no reason to do so (his answers will not change if the entire world tells him to do so!). He is not bothered as to what the IO thinks and what he would like to hear or what other candidates think are ideal answers. He just answers frankly, honestly and as per his logic. He is confident enough to be totally unaffected by whether the IO likes or dislikes his answers!

Winner in Life!

The above is the profile of a winner in life and successful candidate in SSB. Please be like that and be a winner in life!

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