Detailed blog on SSB Medicals

This is a guest blog by NFA’s student Shabd Sharma.

I reported to AFCME (Air Force Central Medical Establishment) on Monday at 0730hours.There are generally 2 Batches – One starting on Monday and other on Thursday.

✓ How to Reach?

You can easily reach by putting ‘AFCME, Subroto Park’ in Google Maps. It is just opposite to TAFS (The Air Force School, Subroto Park).You will be stopped at the gate & your vehicle will not be allowed any further. You need to get your Entry Pass from the Counter on the Gate. You will have to submit your Identification Proof (Aadhar Card, Driving License etc) and you will get it at the time of exit.
After this, If you wish to stay at Camero Officer’s Mess, You may reach there directly, Keep your luggage there and report at AFCME or You may directly reach AFCME. I preferred to report at Camero Mess.If you wish to stay at your own accommodation in Delhi/NCR, You may directly report to AFCME. Both options are available.

✓ Day 1 –
I reached AFCME at 0800 Hours and our Medical Documentation started. It took around an hour to get it done.Important Documents -1) Candidate Performa (With Stamp of President of respective AFSB)2) Medical Letter with Medical Date.For Flying – 4 Passport Size Photos were requiredFor Ground Duty – 3 Passport Size Photos were required.
Also, Keep keep your Course No., Batch No. & Chest No. With you. It will have to be filled at many places. (All this information will be there in your Documents issued by AFSB).
IMPORTANT – Do not report empty stomach unless specifically told so. Empty stomach tests take place on 2nd day and not 1st.
As I didn’t know the above, I reported empty stomach. We went to Cafeteria to have breakfast. (It was Paid)After this we were made to wait for 2 hours. And then one medical officer briefed us about the procedure & necessary information.
After this we were taken by bus to Air Force Dental Care, Palam for Dental Checkup.The checkup took 20-30 seconds time.After which we were routed back to AFCME by Bus.
Only Dental Checkup took place on the 1st Day and we were sent back to Camero Mess by Bus.
Flying candidates were given 2 tablets of Laxative to be consumed at 2100 hours before sleeping for their body to be prepared for x-rays taking place the next day.Ground duty candidates were not given this tablet.
We had lunch, relaxed, had early dinner and slept at 2200hours.
*Camero Mess is approximately 400metre away from AFCME but Bus takes us in the morning 0730 hours and afternoon 1500hours.*Camero Mess has Twin-Occupancy neat and clean Cabins with AC, TV, Individual single Bed, Cupboard, Hygienic Washrooms, Water dispenser and all the facilities which are required.*The Food is provided here is healthy. Both Veg & Non-Veg is prepared and served. Your choice is asked on the first day.

✓ Day 2-
We reached Bus Stop at 0715 hours, and reached AFCME at 0730 hours.
i) Height, Weight & Chest Expansion took place. (This either happens on Day 1 or Day 2).A few were overweight. Chest expansion was good of all of us.
ii) Blood Sample were taken & Urine Sample was taken at the Laboratory.
(Those who were overweight were made to consume Glucose Water and were to submit Urine Sample again after 2 hours.)
iii) ENT (Ear Nose Throat) Check-up – In this, We were made to speak about ourselves for 15seconds to check stammer.After this Doctor checked our Ears, Nose and Throat in around 1minute and made us to leave.
*Get your Ear Wax cleared before the medicals. One of us had some wax in his right ear, He was told to get it cleared and report next day again. He had to find an ENT nearby in Dwarka and get it cleared. It is better to get it cleared before hand.
*One of us who had undergone surgery previously was told to get a few x-rays done of nose and ear in AFCME itself.
After this, Audiometry Took place.A checkup of ear took place in which they inserted something which created sound and then a small report was generated by the system.I had cold so my ear was blocked as it happens in case when we reach high altitude. I was made to inflate my mouth to get it cleared and then it happened.After this headphone was given and very very less sound of different frequencies were played and we were to press a joystick whenever we heard it.
*Everyone of us cleared it.
iv) Chest X-Ray (For Ground Duty & Flying Candidates) & Spine X-Ray for (Flying Candidates only)
v) Ultrasound – In this, Air Force Officer did ultrasound of our Abdomen.
vi) Eye Test (Phase 1) – In this, a JWO tested our basic parameters. Like Ishihara Cards for Color Blindness and made us read those words at a distance.Rest of the tests took place on the next day by Eye Doctor who was an Officer.

✓ Day 3-
i) Eye Test(Phase 2) – We had to report at Eye Centre at 0730 hours. We will given eye drops to dilate our pupils. We were given this in every 15-20mins and 3 times. After this, 2 Test of eye took place by Eye Doctor.
ii) ECG (Echocardiography) – This happened next.
*For male candidates with many hair on their chest, Please trim/shave them before you go for this test. Many candidates who had hair md had not trimmed faced difficultly in getting ECG done. It was done anyways but it is advisable to trim/shave your chest hair.*Keep your mind calm in this test, Think about something good!
iii) Physical Assessment of Body(Phase 1), BP and other normal Checks –
This was done by a Medicine doctor. We were made to undress till our underwears.  And we were made to lie down on bed. We had to do breathing and Doctor was checking our chest and back by his stethoscope. He also asked about medial history or any disease that parents are suffering from. In this, if you tell anything, The doctor will write a particular test for that.Ex- If you say your mother/father has Diabetes, So he might write some diabetes or glucose test in order to check if that is genetic or not.
In this after stethoscope check, he made us to straighten the hands and checked for Palm Sweating (Hyperhidrosis). Then he checked for Elbow Angle(Carring Angle), then knocked knees and made us to do sit-up. And then examined our back and then made us to lay down again and took BP.Some of us who had high BP or Palm Sweating were called empty stomach for Another test (which we later came to know was Thyroid test for TSH, FT3, FT4)
*This was done one by one individually.*Keep yourself calm in this so that BP comes normal.
This was all for Day 3.

✓ Day 4-
This was supposed to be the day of result but it was not!
Those who were called empty stomach, Submitted their blood in the morning.
i) Physical Examination (Phase 2) – In this we were made to undress completely (Without underwear).He then examined the following -• Penis – Made us to bring foreskin back, Then saw Testis.• Buttock Hole – To bend and show it.• Saw Elbow Angle (Carrying Angle).• Knocked knees (Made us to sit down and also do sit up.• Flat Foot.• Made us do movements of Elbow, Wrist and Shoulders.
Then he made us to leave.
*Male doctor was there for Males.*Always! Female doctor is there for females.*Females are checked for some different parameters and are made to wear a gown unlike Boys.
ii) Anthropometry (Measurement of Lengths of Leg, Upper Body etc) – This was only for FLYING Guys. Lengths were measured by Anthropometric equipment for suitability for Flying Candidates.
After this, We were made to Wait for results. But it didn’t came!

✓ Day 5 –

Generally, AFCME gives results in 4days but in our case it got extended to 5th day.
We were made to wait from 0730 hours to 1500hours. Few candidates who were doubtful in few cases like ear, Eye, High BP, Palm Sweating were called again and checked on a few parameters and sent back.
Results were declared at 1500 hours by a Junior Warrent Officer who was talking care of our documentation. No conference took place in our case.He called one by one and told if we were fit or unfit (He gave us TR(Temporary Rejection) Form with the mentioned reasons for being Un-fit).
After this, He explained us the procedure for appeal for TR & gave us the forms. And told us about our TR in detail, Showed Reports to some of us wherever applicable. Ex – One person had Thyroid rejection, So he was showed which of the Thyroid parameter was high or low and we could write it down but we’re not allowed to take picture of it.Ex – If someone had sweaty plams, in this case it was a physical examination by doctor so there was not any report and hence it wasn’t shown.
We left for our Homes after this. Some, a little worried by their TR. Some happy as they were fit!
*TA (Travelling Allowance) is given from your Permanent Address to New Delhi Railway Station irrespective of from where you come. No ticket is required.Carry, 1st page of your Passbook or a cancelled cheque/it’s photocopy. It should be in your name preferably, else in your Parents Name.
*The tests are not much, But They make you wait a lot! On a few days, You will wait for 8hours for a 1minute test. On some days, You will have to wait for 8hours for the result.The System here is a bit unorganised, So kindly bear with them.Also, They have to attend Civil Aircrew, Air Force Officers and Veterans and Us. So, It becomes time-consuming.

*TIPS for Medical –
1) Get your Ear Waxed cleaned.

2) For Male, Get your Chest trimmed/shaved in case you have excessive hair

.3) Get your Full body check up done so that in case any of the parameters is not in ranges, it can be controlled and brought in ranges before the medicals. Otherwise, another long procedure of Appeal in Base Hospital takes place which will take your time and energy.In case your financial situation allows, You may undergo other tests also which are mentioned above like ENT, Eyes, Chest X-Ray, USG etc.

4) Do not think of any misconceptions that have been spread by a few candidates. I myself was very scared about it as few people who had never been to SSB or Medicals pointed about the shape of my chest, few told that I have much sneezing, few told about spine etc and endless things. But everything they told me was a rumour and I was medically fit on all this rumours. Just, Have a healthy diet, Sleep well and give medicals.In case you drink/smoke, Stop doing it for medicals atleast.
Everything else will be Good. You have already proved your worth in SSB. In this, you can’t do much, Just take care of above mentioned points and things will fall in place.

If you want to check what parameters they see, they have been mentioned in great detail in Medical E-Book published by NFA. I showed those parameters to the particular doctor whom I went to, Ex- I went to ENT and showed him ENT Parameters mentioned in the book and got it checked. Similarly I did for Dental and other check-ups as well.

Good Luck. Jai hind!

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  1. It is the first platform where i get all the basic medical examination knowledge.
    Thank you so much sir and
    Thank you NFA

  2. JAI HIND Sir , I have scoliosis. Will it be a big deal in medicals , or I still have any chances of clearing the medicals .

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