How to Develop Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) ?

How to Develop Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) ?

A common question troubling SSB aspirants’ minds is, “What is being sought for in Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) in SSB?”. Trying to learn the 15 OLQs, then understanding their definition and assessment is a task best left to assessors. It will be a complex task for a candidate and will result in wastage of time, because it is not required. I will try to answer the question in simple words. A candidate should be assessed as adequate in the following qualities: reasoning & organizing ability, communication skills, sociability, leadership, will power & determination.

Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) sought in SSB Develop in Routine Life over a period of Time

What aspirants should understand is that an average candidate getting selected would have in his/her career done the following:

A Studied sincerely & understood what was taught well.

B Played some games, and done some physical fitness exercises.

C Have led a reasonably organized life. Have been involved in organizing some events at home or school/college & hence would have the ability to organize an event, if required.

D Would have had some friends at school/college & good relations with family members. He/she would have been helpful in social relations & would respect & regard others.

E Would have been involved in some leadership role like house captain, team captain, prefect, etc & developed abilities to positively influence a group & work effectively as a leader, as a subordinate and a team member.

F Would have developed willpower & determination through tough times faced at home & school/college like exams & other pressure/deadline oriented tasks.

G Would have some hobbies & interests & would have been involved in some extra curricular activities, which would have aided personality growth in fields other than the prescribed curriculum.

H Would have a reasonable interest in knowing about important National & International events & social issues & have an independent opinion on them.

Reasons for deficiency in Officer Like Qualities (OLQs)

It would be apparent from the discussion that the above should be a very normal profile of a candidate. Such a candidate would be selectable. Nothing extra ordinary is required!

Unfortunately such simple qualities are difficult to get in a large number of candidates because they have led misbalanced lives because of unnecessary focus on marks & time spent in tuitions. This has hampered their all round development.

How to Develop Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) ?

  • If you have led a normal life of a student as discussed above, then there is no problem. You would be having adequate OLQs.
  • If you have led a marks obsessed, no sports, no extra- curricular activities & a tutions oriented life then there are chances of having personality deficiencies.
  • No coaching academy in the world can develop deficient OLQs sought in SSB in 15 days of coaching! The claims of coaching academies are thus false!
  • We have prepared a method of developing the deficient qualities with focussed effort over a period of time. Once a student enrolls with me, I identify the weak aspects, and in collaboration with the student, we devise an action plan to overcome the personality weaknesses. The rate of improvement varies greatly from one person to another and depends upon the individual’s competence and commitment. The method is quite effective. Details can be seen by visiting my
  • Since each individual has unique weaknesses and rate of progress, we do not have any batch system, but customize guidance for each individual.
  • It remains my belief that if a weakness is correctly identified and the individual is committed to overcome it then he will succeed!


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