Does 'Setting' Work in SSB?

Does ‘Setting’ Work in SSB?

SSB is the most respected and cleanest selection system in India. Some people feel that ‘setting’ works in SSB; after this is the all-pervasive reality of India. This is a misconception.

I have personally known cases where General’s children were rejected by SSB. This could happen only because the manipulations which work in the country primarily because of the culture created by the corrupt politician-bureaucrat- criminal-corporate nexus does not work in SSB.

Comments Added to Settle Doubts

No system can be 100% foolproof. I would not believe examples of manipulation at SSB because of two examples I know:

  • Lt Gen Nanavati was the Northern Army Commander when his son came for SSB at Bangalore & was rejected.
  • Rohan Takalkar, after winning the reality show, “Mission Army-Desh ke Rakshak” had become a family friend & continues to be. He came for SSB to Bangalore ( 17 SSB). I was the Deputy President of 17 SSB. He came a day prior to the reporting day & stayed at my place. My Commandant and the Army Chief, Gen VK Singh were keen that Rohan gets selected. Rohan, a gym instructor, was definitely physically fitter than most selected candidates. We could not select him. He continues to run his gyms in Pune & we remain friends!

I am proud of having been a part of the selection system in India!

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