Does SSB Select only Average People?

Does SSB Select only Average People?

Among various myths about SSB one popular myth is that only average people are selected and brilliant persons are rejected. The myth gets support from the fact that our late President APJ Abdul Kalaam was rejected by SSB and he was definitely an extra-ordinary talent as well as a great man. In this blog I have answered this myth.

Services Need the Best!

SSB is keen to select the best available talent. The perception that SSB selects only average students is wrong and illogical.
Why will selectors not select the best talent? Since there is no logical answer to this question, the question is obviously baseless.
You may have seen some examples of brilliant candidates who lacked all round development being rejected by SSB. This is done because they do not meet the requirements of Defence Services.
Defence Services need the most competent people. If you are one you will be selected. You will not be selected despite high IQ if you are:

  • Physically unfit.
  • Show potential to create social problems in a team.
  • Lack will-power, determination, mental stamina and courage.

 Okay All Round versus Brilliant but Imbalanced

SSB will select a candidate only if he is found adequate in all the OLQs. To meet these criteria no brilliance is required. If a person is brilliant in several ways but inadequate even in one dimension then he/she will not be selected. Thus it is true that:
A person who is okay all round will get selected but a person who is brilliant but imbalanced will not be selected!”

Countering Valid Arguments

Rejection of people like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan & late President, APJ Abdul Kalaam raises questions about the validity of the SSB process. I have answered major issues in point form:

  • SSB is a scientific process, but applied by humans (who can err) and thus utilizing the testing techniques is an art. It is prone to mistakes, as much as qualified doctors can err in diagnosis.
  • The famous persons, when they faced SSB, may not have attained the degree of competence which they attained later.
  • Illustrious people named above and some other brilliant people you know who were rejected or you yourself are brilliant but got rejected maybe attributable to not being found adequate in all the OLQs. Deficiency in even one OLQ will cause rejection. There is no provision of shifting surplus marks from one OLQ to a deficient OLQ!
Bottom Line for Aspirants

I request all aspirants to have faith in the SSB process. It is not a foolproof system but is highly reliable. Hence it is greatly respected in the country.

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