Effective Workers Succeed at SSB

Effective Workers Succeed at SSB!

Vivek, Akanksha are two of my students who were successful in clearing SSB. Their individual blogs about success and their views have been shared earlier. In this blog I have analyzed their common reason for success. I hope this will inspire other aspirants to work in a similar manner and gain success in their lives.

Get Rid of SSB Obsession!

Vivek and Akanksha were working at Tata Motors & Infosys respectively. Their common problems were:

  • Over focus on SSB.
  • They had learned a large number of wrong lessons from coaching academies, websites and their friends.
  • Their focus on their work needed improvement.

I advised them to forget about SSB and focus on doing their work well. This resulted in the following improvements in their personalities:

  • Their performance improved.
  • The respect they got from seniors and juniors improved.
  • As they became more respected workers they started enjoying their work more.
  • Their self-confidence rose.
  • Their ability and confidence to solve new problems also rose.

In short, they became more effective workers and became more competent and confident in life. This, along with little improvement in fitness and general awareness was enough to make them clear SSB.

Lesson for Aspirants

Please become effective at your work by focused effort and this will get you success in future, including SSB!

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