English Improvement: Use of Verbs

English Improvement: Use of Verbs

This is a blog by Bhamini.

 I have observed that the basic concept of usage of verbs is not clear to most Indian youths. This blog is meant to give clarity on the usage of verbs.

For correct use of verbs, they have to be with respect to the subject in number and person.

Examples: 1) The boy plays. (Subject- Boy Verb -Plays)

      2)The boys play.

      3)I play.

      4)He plays.

       5) We play

       6) They play

A .  When ‘“and” is used to join two singular subjects, the verb used would be for plural.

      Examples: 1) Ravi and his brother are here.

             2) He and I are cousins.

 B. When two singular nouns refer to the same person or thing the verb should be singular.

       Examples: 1) My sister and mentor is here.

              2)The Magistrate and lawyer has come.

C.   When two or more singular subjects are joined by or, nor, either. or , neither…nor, the verb   used       is  singular

        Examples: 1) Reena or Rita is to blame.

               2)Either Sheetal or her sister has cleared the exam.

               3) Neither Rama nor Ram was present.

but if two subjects joined by or , nor are of different numbers or persons, the verb is used as per the subject nearest to it

        Examples: 1) Neither he nor I am guilty.

               2)Either John or his friends have done this.

               3) Either you or he has told a lie.

D. Either, neither, each, every, everyone, much, little, many a, must be followed by a singular verb.

     Examples: 1) Either of the two boys has passed.

            2)Each of those boys is intelligent.

            3)Every man, woman or child was happy.

            4)Every one of them is wrong.

E. A few, several, many are always followed by a verb in plural.

    Examples: 1) There were only a few women present in the hall.

           2)Both of these boys have failed.

           3)Many of these boys have not done their work properly.

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