Foreigner Clears SSB Easily!

 Foreigner  Clears SSB Easily! 

I am writing this blog to guide numerous SSB aspirants who get misguided by the coaching academies and websites written by rejected candidates. I have discussed a hypothetical case of a foreign candidate’s attendance of SSB and getting selected.

Less Competitive Society, No Extra Tuition Classes

Ram was the son of an Indian father and German mother, had been born in India but lived from the age of 7 to 22 years in Germany. He grew up in a culture quite different from India. He enjoyed learning in school and college and was passionate about Football and athletics. He took part in most of the cultural activities that school and college life offered. His parents never bothered about the marks he scored and he never attended extra tuition classes. He was above average in academics.
His parents decided to shift to India and Ram decided to join the Indian Army after doing his B Tech from Germany. He applied for SSC (Tech) entry.

SSB Reporting

Ram knew nothing about the SSB process except for what was given on the official website. He reported as per the instructions at 17 SSB Bangalore. He made friends easily on the reporting day.

Screening In

Ram could get about 80% answers correct in the OIR test. In a hazy picture shown in the PPDT he perceived a young man looking outside from a window. He wrote a story about his thoughts when he sometimes just looked outside his window and thought about a future of adventure and excitement in the Defence Forces. Among the group of 18 candidates assembled for discussion there was no one else who had a story similar to his. There were 5 candidates ( coached by different coaching academies) who had perceived that the protagonist saw dirt and filth outside and decided to galvanize his colony and district towards, “Swachh Bharat” mission and were very successful in cleaning up India. He was impressed by the vision of these candidates and supported this story because he found it very good. He got screened in while the 5 coached candidates were screened out. He kept wondering as to how such brilliant visionaries were screened out? Anyway he thanked his luck and continued the tests.

Psychology Tests

He struggled to complete the psychology test. He could not complete the self-description, could do only 40 SRT, but could complete the other things. He just wrote whatever came to his mind quickly.

GTO Tests

He enjoyed the GTO tests. His awareness about India was limited and so also India’s social issues. He somehow managed to give some views in GDs and could speak on “Women Empowerment” for just about 2 min in lecturette. In PGT he found that the coached candidates were brilliant initially. Their brilliance faded soon and he gained in confidence as he began to understand the method of solving the tasks. He got along with the group well, never tried to better the others and being strong helped the group win the “snake race” and repeated 3 obstacles in IOs. He was called to assist by 4 candidates in their command task and could solve a difficult command task with some help from the GTO.


He found the interview very nice. He answered everything frankly. Explained how his marks had dipped in College because of Football tournaments and how he had got more serious later and improved his marks in the last two semesters. When asked as to why he wanted to join the Indian Army he said that he felt that it would offer a life of adventure and outdoor activities which he liked. During conversation he stated that he had found “demonetization” to be a stupid exercise and was angered by the actions of “Gau Rakshaks” and their support by the BJP government.

Discussion with Friends

After the interview when he told his new made friends as to how he had answered frankly everything. They told him that by being critical of the government he had finished his chances of being selected. He felt that maybe he had done something wrong because everyone felt so. He felt apprehensive about his chances but also satisfied that he had only answered the truth.


In the conference he was asked by the Commandant that if he was given an order to shoot an unarmed terrorist by his CO who had volunteered to surrender in Kashmir what he would do? He answered that he will not obey an illegal order and would abide by the principles of universal human rights. When he came out and told this to his friends, they said that now he will definitely be rejected. They said that in the Army orders must be obeyed without questioning them.


Ram was surprised to find that he was among the 3 candidates who were recommended from the batch!

Moral of the Story

  • Information gathered from popular coaching academies and websites is of little help and can be harmful in SSB.
  • Honest answers are a sign of a better character than manipulative answers given to please the listener.
  • Defence Services are not about following orders blindly but sensibly.


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  1. Properly explains how a clear mind can perform over that of the coached one. Knowingly or unknowingly we have stacked up our minds with such things that which have made for us difficult to see what’s really inside and what we truly are. This shows what the proper way is. Thank you a lot sir, for keeping us in the right path.

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