Gaurav Works Hard to Succeed

Gaurav  Works Hard to Succeed

Gaurav  Manhas ( Contact:7508741595/ became my student in Aug 2016. He was an engineer in ECE & was working in a call centre. Gaurav  is a good athlete and an excellent cricketer. His knowledge about his core subjects and written English was very weak. He had been to SSB 5 times earlier.

Gaurav’s Strengths

Gaurav was motivated to join the services, had good practical sense and was hardworking. I
utilized his strengths to overcome his weaknesses. Gaurav proved to be a good student and
worked with total commitment to improve his weaknesses and continues to do so.


He cleared SSB in his 6th attempt. This is what he has to say for the benefit of other aspirants and visitors to and facebook page: No Frills Academy.

Gaurav’s Words

Thanks for Col Nehru’s guidance and blessings I got recommended from 31 SSB,Kapurthala for SSC (Tech) Entry.
Sir made me work very hard to improve my technical knowledge.The manner in which Sir taught me to study and analyze current topics and improve my written expression was very effective. With these improvements I was much more confident and cleared the SSB. I thank Sir for showing me the right path. Sir taught me to work hard and improve  my weaknesses. I improved in my job as I got placed in a better paying company and also cleared SSB. Thanks Sir!

Advice for Aspirants

Please work hard to improve your weaknesses as guided by SIr. Don’t worry if you did not study sincerely earlier. Do so now. I have been able to improve so much overall, so can you and become successful in whatever you want to do. Please don’t believe in short- cuts. Success has to be earned by true effort and the reward is very satisfying!

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