It is a misconception to equate GK with knowledge of current affairs. 80% of GK is of a static nature & only 20% is related to current knowledge. If you understand the geography and economy of India well it will make it easier for you to understand the nature of problems facing India and also the possible solutions. To develop insight into “stone pelting” by Kashmiri youth it is vital to know what all had happened in the past in Kashmir since independence. To help students prepare for competitive exams a list of GK topics is given below.
India Specific

  1. Geography: Physical features, states, capitals & major rivers.
  2. Major ministries and their performance.
  3. Indian economy. Contributions of Services, Manufacturing & Agriculture Sectors to GDP. % population engaged in various sectors. What are the ways to encourage growth? How can inflation be controlled?
  4. Ranks of Services.
  5. Chiefs of Services, current, past, future, if due to take over soon.
  6. Pakistan: President, Army chief. Problem areas with India, future of relations.
  7. China: President, Premier; future of relations.
  8. Relations with US.
  9. Relations with EU & Japan.
  10. Relations with Russia.
  11. New schemes started by PM Modi.
  12. Relevance of MNREGA.
  13. Relevance of crop insurance scheme.
  14. Utility of Gold schemes.
  15. PVC awardees.
  16. Knowledge about Service opted for.
  17. Relations with Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan & Myanmar.
  18. India’s act East Policy.
  19. Discuss OBOR, CPEC and impact on India.
  20. Discuss the relevance of SAARC. How can other India and other SAARC countries overcome the problem posed by Pakistan?
  21. Comment on India contemplating abrogation of ‘Indus Water Treaty’.


  1. ISIS problem & how it concerns India.
  2. G7 nations.
  3. Syrian crisis.
  4. European refugees’ crisis.
  5. Impact of Iran’s nuclear deal on the world.
  6. Iran- Saudi Arabia struggle in West Asia.
  7. Fourth Industrial revolution.
  8. Changing approach of America towards the world.
  9. Discuss India and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
  10. How to tackle the menace of global terrorism?
  11. Implications of International Tribunal rejecting China’s claim on South China Sea. What is the likely future in the region?
  12. How to solve the problem of Global terrorism?
  13. Discuss implications of Trump as US President for the US and the world.
  14. Discuss the major progress in the recent BRICS meet and comment on the future of BRICS.
  15. Discuss the importance of Kigali agreement.
  16. Comment on the “Heart of Asia” Conference in 2017.
  17. Discuss the significance of Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement between US and India.
  18. Is NAM irrelevant?
  19. Should India worry about Pakistan’s nuclear threat?
  20. Indian public wants strikes against Pakistani terrorist camps in POK. Should India be deterred by China in doing so?
  21. Discuss the Doklam standoff.

Topics related to Economics:

  1. Problems of world economy.
  2. Why ‘Make in India’ is important?
  3. Why reduction in RBI interest rates is important for growth?
  4. Why domestic reforms are important for India?
  5. What is disinvestment? Why it is important for India?
  6. What is fiscal deficit?
  7. How can India reduce fiscal deficit?
  8. Comment on the future of agriculture sector in India.
  9. India & WTO.
  10. Budgeting process. Why deficit budget is sensible for developing economies.
  11. Will a larger fiscal deficit be good for India?
  12. What reasons have caused a slowdown in Global economy?
  13. How China became the manufacturing hub of the World?
  14. Why China likes to keep the value of yuan low?
  15. Why subsidies do not make economic sense?
  16. The growing significance of Africa for India.
  17. Impact of falling commodity prices on the world’s economy.
  18. How can India reduce dependence on coal for power generation?
  19. Analyze the economic stupidity of ‘Demonetization’.
  20. Is ‘Bullet Train’ good for India?
  21. Is GST good for India?
  22. Discuss: For sustainable development inclusive growth is essential for India.
  23. The planning commission has been replaced by NITI Ayog. Comment on the concept and efficacy of NITI Ayog.
  24. How to reduce India’s dependence on monsoon rains?
  25. Why entry into the NSG is important for India?
  26. Was it sensible to scrap the Rail Budget?
  27. Should India introduce GM Mustard?
  28. Global analysis on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), health performance has ranked India 143/188 among nations. Should India do something about it?
  29. Write in favour of Globalization.
  30. Write in favor of protectionism.
  31. India has moved one rank up to the 130th position in the World Bank’s ‘ease of doing business’ ranking for 2017. What should India do?
  32. India has approximately only 24 lac tax payers, while 25 lac cars are bought each year, including 35,000 luxury cars. Analyze the problem and suggest solutions.
  33. Is implementation of Universal Basic Income (UBI) in India a good idea?
  34. Is the proposal to abolish Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) a good idea?
  35. Why corporate houses are keen on the defence sector?

Social & General Topics

  1. Are introduction of a strong Lokpal and transparency in funding of political parties and election expenses the biggest reforms needed by India?
  2. Discuss euthanasia.
  3. Is juvenile justice in India okay?
  4. What are the advantages for China being a communist country?
  5. Why communism failed in erstwhile USSR?
  6. Why ordinances are not considered a good way of making laws?
  7. Why politicians & elections are the prime reason for creation of black money?
  8. Discuss the drug menace in Punjab.
  9. Discuss the “Khap panchayats” of Haryana.
  10. Discuss the matrilineal societies of Kerala & Meghalaya.
  11. Discuss the feudal culture in UP, Bihar & MP.
  12. Why the North Eastern states were not enthusiastic about independence in 1947?
  13. What are the problems of Meiteis in Manipur?
  14. Why there is rampant illegal immigration from Bangladesh & cattle smuggling from India into Bangladesh?
  1. Is the growing population of India a major problem?
  2. Why it make sense to take care of our environment?
  3. What are the unique challenges for women in Defence Services?
  4. Why girl education is vital for population control, development of the society & economic growth?
  5. Why AFSPA cannot be removed from Kashmir or Manipur in the foreseeable future?
  6. Are castes relevant in India today?
  1. What is the future of communists in India?
  2. Why is the study of history relevant?
  3. Is reservation required for women in Parliament?
  4. Why it is difficult to remove caste/tribe based reservations?
  5. How can sports be promoted in India?
  6. Why illegal constructions often get legalized in India?
  7. What is the problem of making laws through ordinances?
  8. Should minimum education be a criterion for elected posts?
  9. Discuss India’s skewed sex ration.
  10. Discuss the problem of crime against women in India.
  11. Was odd-even policy in Delhi a sensible way to reduce pollution?
  12. Discuss criminalization of politics in India.
  13. Match fixing in IPL- is there a permanent solution?
  14. Why India is unable to get medals in track and field in Olympics?
  15. What will be the long term effects of promotion of ‘Hindutva’ and divisive politics of BJP?
  16. Comment on the promotion of prohibition in states.
  17. Benefits of organic farming.
  18. Discuss: Road accidents the biggest killer in India.
  19. Discuss implications of declaration of ‘Triple Talaaq’ illegal by the Supreme Court.
  20. What lessons emerged from the BHU incident of violence against women students?
  21. How to increase women participation in India’s economy?
  22. Discuss India’s hosting of the under-17 Football World Cup.
  23. Why government must focus more on health and education?
  24. How should India respond to the Rohingya crisis?
  25. How can a common man discern the truth when Modi & ministers lie consistently to the nation and media pursues economic agenda rather than factual reporting?
  26. Does the information age pose a threat to our culture and society?
  27. How can we permanently resolve inter-state water disputes?
  28. Is the nexus between doctors and pharmaceutical companies a concern for the government?
  29. Discuss acid attacks on women.
  30. Discuss the misuse of Article 356.
  31. Discuss the socio-economic impact of migration from other countries into India.
  32. Why local militants are heroes for Kashmiris?
  33. Suggest measures to fight the problem of droughts in India.
  34. How to resolve the problem of pending cases in Indian courts?
  35. How to resolve the problem of grant of reservations in India?
  36. Discuss India’s own GPS.
  37. Can elections be won by buying votes?
  38. Discuss the problem of caring for the old in India.
  39. Discuss the problem of child obesity in India.
  40. Parrikar had proposed, “All women battalion and girls in Sainik Schools”. Discuss.
  41. Discuss: “Government allocates Rs 12,000 crore to skill one crore people.”
  42. Discuss the Supreme Court’s control of BCCI.
  43. Discuss the use of drugs in sports.
  44. Discuss the implications of legalization of betting in sports in India.
  45. Chief Justice of India TS Thakur had told government on 12 Aug 2016: “Break logjam soon or we will step in, CJI tells government” on the issue of appointment of judges. Discuss reasons for delay in appointment of judges by Modi government.
  46. Is Phelps the greatest athlete ever?
  47. Discuss the “Surrogacy Bill”.
  48. Government has accepted the recommendations of a parliamentary panel to impose stringent accountability on celebrities for endorsing products and for misleading advertisements. Discuss the subject.
  49. Discuss India’s poor performance in Olympic Games. What should we do?
  50. Is India ready for a uniform civil code?
  51. Is the charge of sedition being misused by ‘self- styled nationalists’ in India under the present government?
  52. Analyze the Maratha agitation in 2016.
  53. Is it time for India to have a uniform civil code?
  54. Is it correct to ban Pakistani artists from working in India?
  55. How to reduce Diwali pollution in India?
  56. Significance of burning schools in Kashmir.
  57. Is forcing citizens to stand and listen to the “National Anthem” in cinema halls in India a good idea?
  58. Comment on the revival of Hockey in India.
  59. Discuss the promotion of Kabaddi in India.
  60. Discuss the impact of high tax on petrol and diesel in India.
  61. Discuss the Disabilities Bill.
  62. Discuss: 10th board exam is back.
  63. Discuss: Agni-V tested.
  64. Section 123(3) of the Representation of People Act, 1951 was in news recently for a judgment. Please discuss
  65. Is the demand for delay in presentation of budget by the opposition parties justified?
  66. Does India need a regulatory body for media content as argued by Prashant Bhushan recently in the Supreme Court?
  67. Comment on the “Jallikattu” problem in Tamil Nadu in Feb 2017.
  68. Army Chief,Gen Rawat said: “While our aim has been to conduct people-friendly operations, the manner in which the local population is preventing us from conducting the operations, at times even supporting the terrorists to escape, it is these factors which are leading to higher casualties among the security forces. We would now request the local population, local boys if they want to continue with the acts of terrorism, displaying flags of IS and Pakistan, then we will treat them as anti-national elements and go helter-skelter for them… If they do not relent and create hurdles, then we will take tough action.” Please comment.
  69. Jayalalithaa deserved to be punished for corruption. However, now Sasikala, her partner in corruption will be alone in jail. Please comment.
  70. Discuss: PSLV-C37 successfully launches 104 satellites in a single flight.
  71. Discuss: Violence in Ramjas College.
  72. Discuss the politics of vandalism of statues.
  73. Discuss the politics of bans on books and movies.
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