Good Sample Self-Description

Good Sample Self-Description

A good sample of self-description is written by my student, Moghna. Please read:
Opinion of Parents– My parents find me obedient and dutiful. They entrust me with household chores on a daily basis. They also feel proud that I have managed to balance both my studies and extra co-curricular activities while I was in school and college. However they do think that I need to work on my focus and discipline if I have to create a niche for myself in a professional career.
Opinion of employer– My employer thinks that I am hard working and sincere and see great potential in me if I continue to work like this. They also feel that I have a good intellect and grasping power. However they do feel that my career is still at a very nascent stage; need to learn a lot as this is just the beginning of my career.
Opinion of Friends-My friends find me helpful and a sincere person who managed to perform well in both studies and other activities in student life and gave herself enough exposure. However, they do feel that I have short attention span and need to work on my concentration level in daily life.
My own opinion– I find myself confident person who is eager to learn and not afraid of making mistakes.  I push myself to face my fears and work on my weaknesses. Even though I was an average student, I managed to take part in every extra co-curricular activities while in school and in college. However, I need to work on a disciplined and focused life.
Improvements needed– I need to improve my physical health through discipline majorly work on Concentration in daily activities.

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