Guard Against Ill-Effects of SSB Coaching

 Guard Against Ill-Effects of SSB Coaching

A large number of candidates take coaching for SSB by formally going to coaching academies. An even larger number is influenced by coaching because of the proliferation of the internet and a large amount of SSB related information available on various websites. The following SSB aspirants come under the category of coached candidates:

  • Those having attended coaching in an SSB training academy.
  • Those influenced by the SSB related websites.

Thus a very large number suffer from the serious ill-effects of coaching. This blog has been written to help SSB aspirants to guard against the ill-effects of SSB coaching.

Poor Traits of Coached Candidates: Methods to Overcome

PPDT Story Themes

  • By seeing photos shown in PPDT a candidate who has not been indoctrinated by the ill-effects of coaching is extremely unlikely to fit stories about the below-given themes. The coached veterans are likely to write on such themes only:
    • Army officer winning “Param Vir Chakra” (PVC).
    • PM Modi launched schemes like: “Swachh Bharat”, “Make in India” and so on.
    • What to Do? If you find yourself writing or thinking about only such stories it shows that you are indoctrinated by the ill-effects of coaching and are likely to be screened out. Please write routine life stories. In routine life people neither win PVC and nor do they promote schemes of PM Modi.
Psychology Tests
  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) is the main area where coached candidates get found out because of the following reasons:
    • Writing stories on the above two themes discussed.
    • Creating a crisis and then solving it when no crisis situation is shown. For a hard-core coached candidate (who has very high chances of being rejected) if a water body is shown it means that a story must be written about saving someone from drowning.
    • Coached candidates are convinced that if there is only one character shown and that is a girl then the following is to be done: Visualize the girl to be a boy or create a character (not given in the photo) who is of the age of the candidate and is a defence aspirant.
    • The main character is almost always a defence aspirant and is described by having several strong OLQs. Example: “Arun was a 22 years old student who was keen to become an army officer and was very fit and had tremendous leadership qualities and used to take part in all extra-curricular activities and —-“
    • What to Do? Please do not write the above mentioned stupid things. Do not describe any qualities about the main character ever in any story. It is a useless waste of words and time and increases your chances of rejection. Just write simple day-to-day life stories. Do not create and solve the crisis when none has been shown.
  • WAT. In WAT several guidelines have been promoted like non-use of negative words and so on. These guidelines are all nonsense. Just ignore them. Please write simple and grammatically correct sentences using the word given so as to bring out the meaning clearly.



In GTO tests the coached candidates are concerned about their impression on the GTO and as a result get tense and create a very competitive environment. The sensible attitude should be:

  • Visualize that you had to do the tasks in real life and there was no assessment being done.
  • It is essential to cooperate with your group because accomplishment of the tasks is possible only through teamwork.
  • Even if all others behave stupidly, try to impress the GTO and show-off their ideas and leadership, please do not behave like them.



Coached candidates are concerned about the impression of their answers on the Interviewing Officer (IO) rather than focusing on understanding the questions and answering calmly and sensibly.  Please talk to the IO as if you are talking with your friend or colleague in a formal environment. Listen calmly and answer in a spirit of ‘relaxed-attentiveness’. Do not bother about what the IO will think of your answers. In this manner your performance would be the best possible.

Conclusion:Guard Against Ill-Effects of SSB Coaching

It is advisable not to take SSB coaching. In case you have taken SSB coaching then please remember the advice given above to guard against the ill-effects for success in SSB.

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  1. Sir,
    thankyou so much for these valueable lessons.
    I have attended coaching, read several blogs and even attended paid lecture sessions for SSb but this very particular information I could find no where.
    This really looks genuine to me. I wish I had read this blog just 10 days before; before getting conference out!
    Now I shall act upon this and on my competencies.

  2. Good morning Colonel M.M. Nehru sir,
    I was conference out from NSB Coimbatore for SSC Tech Navy entry in May 18. There were few out of routine questions asked in Conference. In introspection, I find that I had not performed well in Group Planning Exercise, PGT and Command Task. I was unable to use the Plank, rope and Balli properly perhaps because of doing for first time this kind of task. And to see the stuctures specially, I was thinking to visit any academy. Again on 5 October I have attend SSB Allahabad. What do you suggest in this case, sir?

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