Habits of Successful No Frills Academy Students

Habits of Successful No Frills Academy Students

A large number of No Frills Academy students have been successful in their lives as well as SSB. I share the success stories of the students who clear SSB. The stories are written by the students & not by me. These stories narrate their perspective and not a holistic perspective. In this blog I have given the common habits of the successful students to guide the existing students as also others.

Accept the Assessment

In my first interaction with the students I convey their weaknesses to them. Some more weaknesses get revealed by analyzing their responses to psychology tests. All my successful students accepted their weaknesses & worked sincerely to improve upon them.

Kept Focus on Self-improvement & Not SSB Process

Students ask me such questions:

  • I don’t have a hobby; what should I write in PIQ form?
  • How to answer questions like what you dislike about your teacher/parents/friends?
  • What to do in a fish-market situation in PPDT?
  • How to tackle dominant candidates in GTO?
  • I get blank on seeing some pictures in TAT; what should I do?

Such students never got recommended. Unfortunately a large number of my students even today are worried about such stuff & getting rejected/ are due for rejection.

The successful students focused on self-improvement as advised & not on the SSB process. They realized that the focus on SSB process created by coaching academies & websites is a route to failure.

Systematic Planned Effort

The successful students devised an effective plan for their progress & stuck to it with conviction. They may have had deviations from their planned routine owing to external factors like situation in the family/work place but not due to cold/hot/rainy weather or lack of motivation or simple laziness. They also did not allow injuries/illness/failure to demotivate them & get off-track from their path.

The unsuccessful students fail to abide by a planned routine. They attributed their failure to do so to various external reasons beyond their control. This attribution is flawed. Once they take responsibility for the good as well as the bad in their lives, they will improve.

Physical Fitness

All my successful students have improved their physical fitness through regular exercising. Regular exercising, in addition to improving the fitness does the following as well:

  • Gets you in better control of your life and helps in keeping the whole day organized.
  • Exercise releases endorphins & makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Good fitness enhances confidence, which permeates to all facets of your lives.

Realized Futility of Short-cuts

The successful students realized the futility of short-cuts & worked consistently and patiently to improve their habits and knowledge. They did not follow the 15 day capsule training approach of coaching academies.

Summary of Advice to Aspirants

Please work systematically and patiently to improve your shortcomings for success at SSB as well as life. A rice seed sown can be harvested in 120 days. Please understand that the human body and mind are also creations of nature & take time to improve & are not products being manufacture on an assembly line.

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