Harpreet Clears SSB!

Harpreet Clears SSB!

Harpreet Singh: email id- harpreetsingh619@gmail.com  cleared SSB. This is his message for aspirants:
Hope this feedback helps you!
Please believe that you are fit to be selected!


Prepare and perform your best in OIR. It helps one to get screened in. So start preparing all the topics related to OIR. Speak calmly in GD. Cooperate with the group. If 3-4 persons are already speaking, then wait…. appreciate a decent point. Try to give your opinion, look at group mates, involve them, make them listen to your ideas (calmly) and never ever calm them down by raising pitch of your voice.


There is nothing like right or wrong in responses. Responses are suitable for each individual. For example the responses to the same situations of a 6’2” karate champion would be different from a 5’4” lawyer. They cannot be the same. I think no one can judge his/her own psychology exactly. I learnt about it from Col Nehru. Psychology gives birth to actions and actions make a man’s life. The talks, discussions, lessons….are opportunities to learn and develop your perspective. The best thing I learned from Col Nehru, was that he never told me what to do exactly. He just described an ideal friend, and I wrote the self- description on what my friends think about me. He explained to me what parents expect from their child, and I wrote about it. These ideas helped me to understand my personal conduct and inter-personal relations better. I realized that keeping clearance of SSB was a flawed goal. Enhancing my overall competence was the right goal; clearance of SSB became incidental.


COOPERATION….. that’s the quality to possess. Don’t be conscious; it degrades performance; don’t think about results & do the things well. One should take care of one’s helpers in command task; don’t put them into unnecessary risk. Perform best in individual obstacles by staying fit.


TRUTH- TRUTH- TRUTH! If there are some points about which one thinks that these are not justified, think about it thoroughly, bring out the truth and state it.
Everyone has got a past and if there have been mistakes made in the past, then admit them, learn from them and be determined to not to repeat them.
Willingness to learn is important; learn from anything and everything.
Please stay humble; a candidate’s life if like an open book in front of the interviewing officer. He can turn any page and will get to know exactly what type of person you are, so don’t boast about the things you have never done.
If you have some hobbies then state so and if you don’t have any hobbies then don’t fudge. Hobbies should genuinely make you happy, otherwise they are not hobbies.


Work on communication skills, be expressive and refined in your thoughts and opinions.
One thing I believe  is that one should not think about the result; it degrades the performance.. Stay focused on the task in hand and do your best! Good luck!

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  1. What a wonderful outcome for harpreetsingh619@gmail.com.
    @Manimohan, it is absolutely refreshing to see all that you do for the millennials, shepherding them with encouragement, guidance and brotherly counsel. We need more Indians to step up to the plate and consider ‘giving’ like you do here on this forum for it was Gandhijee who in his everlasting wisdom mentioned “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. ^5

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