Himanshu Clears SSB!

Himanshu Clears SSB!

Himanshu Dixit, email: himanshu10dixit@gmail.com cleared SSB in his 10th attempt.

Himanshu’s  Story

” I got recommended from 19SSB Allahabad for CDS-IMA-146. In 2017 I went for CDS SSB and got screened out and felt very dejected. That’s when I decided that I have to clear SSB. I came across NO FRILLS ACADEMY via Quora. The guidance I got from Nehru sir made my recommendation possible. 
I was zero in WAT, very poor in TAT and SRT, though good in Interview. So we made plans and worked accordingly on my weak areas.
Being a one on one guidance it was very helpful as I was getting maximum feedback possible. I would say it not only helped me in SSB preparation but in becoming a competent person as well. I think this approach was a game changer as it increased my confidence in life. I am very thankful to Nehru Sir for his precious guidance. ”

My Comments

Each individual’s success story would be different because each person has unique strengths and weaknesses. My guidance is tailor-made to suit the exact needs of an individual. The major reasons for Himanshu’s success are:

  • He maintained self-belief and worked systematically to improve his English, which is not very easy.
  • He did not allow negative thoughts which often adversely affect candidates like SSB being biased against a 9 times repeater.
  • He focused on self-improvement as guided.

Himanshu’s success is evidence that you can improve and succeed provided you maintain your self-belief and work hard to improve as guided!

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