How to Become Effective if You Habitually Waste Time?

How to Become Effective if You Habitually Waste Time?


I have an SSB to attend in the next few months. I have absolutely nothing to show for the past 6 years and don’t know how to answer the IO. All I did was to watch different TV series, surf the web, and hang out with my friends. Could you advise me?


From your detailed description it is clear that you will not be cleared by SSB, whether you state the truth or try your utmost of manipulation. SSB will be able to assess your true worth!

The path to become suitable for selection is difficult for you because you will have to change your lifestyle and habits drastically.

I can guide you to improve as I have guided several other students. How much you improve will depend 95% on you.

Selection in SSB, despite your best efforts, cannot be assured.

I request you to please visit my website and read the blogs related to personality development like changing habits, time management, planning and so on.

If you are committed to improve in all round dimensions then you will definitely improve and I will be willing to take you on as a student. If you lack commitment then you and I will only be wasting time and I value my time.

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