How to Get Ideas in GTO Tasks?

How to Get Ideas in GTO Tasks?

Get the Big Picture

Generating workable ideas in GTO tasks, namely, Progressive Group Task (PGT), Half Group Task (HGT), Command Task (CT) and Final Group Task (FGT) is a challenge. Let us understand the big picture in order to solve the tasks.

  • Practical Knowledge. Your theoretical academic knowledge will not be of much use but practical knowledge will be required to solve the tasks.
  • Genuine Worth Gets Known. At the end of the GTO tasks you will be able to assess the calibre of the candidates in your group as also the comparative rating of the group. Since you can do it then it is safe to assume that the GTO, who is an expert assessor, will definitely be able to do so. Hence it is sensible to work calmly in a cooperative spirit.
  • Focus on Task. Indian society is over-competitive and in general the aim of the candidates is to give impressive ideas to get into the lime light. This attitude is not conducive to team synergy. The usual worries troubling an insecure candidate’s mind are:
    • Some others will not allow him to give ideas.
    • If he has an idea then someone will state it earlier than him.
    • Others will adopt his ideas as their own and he will be deprived of due credit.

Thus most candidates are able to focus with not more than 70% of their brain on doing the task. A confident candidate should focus his 100% energy on solving the task in the spirit of being a good team-man.

  • Effective Team-man. An effective team-man is much better than an intelligent but dysfunctional group member. Hence please behave in the right spirit.

Developing Ability to Solve Practical Problems

We develop our abilities to solve practical problems in life by facing them. A student gets opportunities to develop these abilities through sports, extra-curricular activities and organising things at home/school/college. A working professional gets ample opportunities to improve his problem solving skills through doing his work with dedication. The GTO is trying to assess these qualities because it is highly unlikely that after becoming an officer a person would have to solve PGT in his professional career. A person who sits at home and prepares for competitive exams only is likely to be less competent in this facet of personality than a person who is working in the field. Hence develop yourself by leading an all round productive life. This is the most effective method.

Developing Ability to Solve Specific GTO Tasks

It is important to have an idea about solving the tasks like PGT. You have 3 items to help you cross the obstacles, namely plank, log & a rope. Here are some important points to remember:

  • In 90% of the situations the plank would be used to bridge the gap required to be crossed.
  • Securing firmly one end of the plank would be the key to cross obstacles.
  • The plank may get secured by the following means:
    • Resting atop a suitable place to walk across.
    • Putting it in some wedge.
    • By tying it on a suitable platform using the rope.
    • Tying the rope across two posts may create a platform on which one end of the plank gets secured.
    • There may be various other means to do so as well.
  • The log my get used to cross shorter gaps or extend the length of the plank with the help of the rope.
  • It would be helpful to watch some of the numerous videos about GTO tasks available on Youtube to get acquainted with the obstacles and methods of crossing them.
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