Implications of Long Conference?

Implications of Long Conference?

Inferences from Conference Duration & Waiting Prior to Conference

Aspirants draw different inferences from the duration of the conference as well as the time spent waiting to be called in the conference hall. Let me clarify things:

Long Waiting Time Before Conference

Normally there will be very little time lag in between the candidates being called for the conference. In case there is a longer waiting time it obviously indicates that some discussion has ensued about the assessment of the candidate. It will be wrong to infer that the candidate was a border line case. It will be correct to infer that the initial independent assessment of the 3 assessors was not congruent and there were differences. Discussion takes place to resolve the differences in the assessment and arrive at a consensus. Let us take an example:

  • Candidate A was found fit to be cleared by the Psychologist and the Interviewing Officer. The GTO found the candidate having unacceptably low level of “sociability” and “courage”. All the assessors know that the GTO’s assessment must be respected because he has concrete evidence to back his assessment. In this case the candidate will not be cleared.
  • The conference marks allotted by the Psychologist and the Interviewing Officer, in the light of the knowledge gained from the GTO’s assessment, would be much lower than the initial independent assessment.
  • We thus call the conference as the “fourth technique” for assessment because it provides scope for the 3 independent assessors to benefit from the assessment of the other assessors. Each technique has its strengths and weaknesses and benefits in the conference through inputs received from the other experts, as explained in the above example. I could quote numerous other examples but I hope the point is understood.

Questions asked in Conference

Unless a situation is posed to a candidate in the conference it is unlikely to have any relationship with the assessment. Questions like:

  • How was your stay?
  • How many friends you made?
  • How do you rate your performance compared to the last time?
  • Which all places did you visit?
  • How was the food?
  • Any suggestions for us?
  • Have you found the right answer to the question you could not answer in the interview?

have no relationship with the assessment.

The answer given to a situation posed may have a bearing on the candidate getting selected/rejected. Invariably the answer given by the candidate is consistent with the profile constructed by the 3 assessors after deliberate discussion. It reinforces our faith in the assessment system!


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