Importance of Conference in SSB

Perspective of Assessors

We, as assessors, consider the conference as the fourth technique of assessment. For assessors it is very important. Let me explain:

Each technique, “Interview”, “GTO” & “Psychology” has certain strengths & weaknesses. For example by the interview technique I could not comprehensively assess the ‘physical courage’ of a candidate. This could be done much better by the GTO & Psychologist.

The quality of ‘Sense of responsibility’ can be assessed much better through interview, rather than the other techniques because only the interviewer has access to the complete background of a candidate since childhood.

Experienced assessors have total faith in the other assessment techniques and benefit from the inputs of the other assessors to assess a candidate more comprehensively.

Before the assessors come for the conference they have no knowledge of the assessment by the others. Conference is a great reality check for all the assessors to assess their respective competence in the art of assessment. I always looked forward to the conference and when my assessment had differed from the others I interacted separately with the GTO and psychologist to understand their perspective. I found this exercise very beneficial for my professional growth.

Perspective of Candidates

From the perspective of candidates the following aspects are relevant

  • In case you are asked response to some situation it means that the assessors have tried to resolve some difference in assessment in your case. Thus your response to this situation is significant.
  • Questions like: “How was your stay?”, “How do you rate your performance?”, “How many friends you made?”, “Which all places did you visit?”, “Any suggestions for improvement?” are just courtesy questions and have no relationship with assessment.
  • Broadly speaking conference is of little consequence for a candidate because the assessment stage is already over.
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