Improving Vocabulary

Improving Vocabulary

The normal methodology we adopt to improve our vocabulary is that we look up the meanings of the words which we come across in a dictionary and then hope that we remember the meaning when we see the word the next time. This plan does not often work well for most people. It happens that though we do remember the meaning of the word but we are unable to use it while speaking or writing. A better way is to not just look up the meaning of a word but use it in a sentence, maybe more than one or two sentences. In this manner there are higher chances of the word being added to our vocabulary.


  1. Credible: meanings: believable, plausible, reasonable, convincing, compelling, persuasive.


  • The explanation given to solve the problem was credible.
  • It takes considerable time for a person to build his credibility, but it can be lost by even one misdeed.
  • Employers seek credible employees.
  • Since the credibility of our present government is very low it keeps quoting foreign agencies as evidence of their good work.

2. Incredible: meanings: unbelievable, unconvincing, difficult to believe, spectacular, miraculous, extraordinary.


  • The student showed incredible progress.
  • The athlete performed an incredible feat.
  • Government does come up with some incredible figures as regards the income of farmers.

3. Credulous: meanings: gullible, naive, impressionable, trusting, exploitable,
easily deceived, easily taken in, easily led, unwary, unguarded, uncritical, unquestioning.
Kings used to take advantage of the credulous population and exploit them, modern governments also often do the same.
The teacher taught the subject to the credulous students.
Credulous people can sometimes suffer in business dealings.

4. Incredulous: meanings: disbelieving, unbelieving, doubtful, dubious, unconvinced.
It is very difficult to convince the incredulous old businessman.
He was incredulous at the success of the plan.
I am incredulous that Modi is promoting national interest because I believe that he promotes only

Please try this method & I hope that it will work.

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