Indian Youth- Recipe for Success!

Indian Youth- Recipe for Success!

Jobs are a serious problem in India today. I interact with the Indian youth every day and understand their struggle to secure their future. Parents are also greatly worried and very rightly so. Indian youth and their parents are looking for a recipe for success. Surprisingly there is a simple recipe for success. I assure the youth to try it because it will succeed.

English & English!

If a young man or woman can speak English well then he/she will easily get a job in India in the corporate. If the man/woman can also write English well then he/she will be a much respected employee because there is great demand for this ability and sadly only a small percentage of the youth measure up to the requirement.

Mathematical Ability

If a young man or woman is not only good at English but also has good Mathematical ability then employment in the corporate is assured with great respect and career progress is also well assured.

Why English is so Important?

The above analysis shows the great importance of English & Mathematics in Indian job market. China did not need English as much because growth was fuelled by manufacturing. Labor in manufacturing does not require communicating in English. Indian growth story is in the services. In simple terms it implies jobs in marketing, sales, travel, tourism, medical and hospitality. For all these jobs a person needs to be fluent in English and conversant with modern technology gadgets and the internet. English is the language of the internet as well. Thus English is the key skill for most jobs in India today.

Lesson for Youth & Parents

I agree with Kejriwal in focusing on English in schools. Please do not believe the nonsense about promotion of Hindi because it is politics; English will get you a job.
Please develop the ability to speak and write good English. It is the prime skill which will get you a job.
Parents, please do not put your children through the endless pain of extra-tuition classes. Please let them enjoy outdoor life and playing games. Good English will secure them a good job!

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  1. sir i have NCC C certificate with A grade.should i prepare for written exam of OTA or go directly to SSB through NCC special entry scheme.where more benefit???

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