Is Allahabad a Rejection Center?

Is Allahabad a Rejection Center?

Please read this blog about myths & facts about SSB:

Facts & Myths

Allahabad being considered a “Rejection Center” is one popular myth. Please do not believe it. The chances of selection are almost the same at all centers.

All SSBs work practically in the same manner. We have periodic standardization exercises to ensure that all SSBs as well as AFSBs & NSBs work in a similar manner. The aim is to ensure that the chances of selection/rejection of a candidate should be the same irrespective of the SSB.

There is reason for the creation of the myth of “Rejection Center” for Allahabad. Since the selection rate across SSBs would be around 11 to 13% it implies that a very high percentage of candidates are rejected. Allahabad has 5 SSBs. It is the biggest selection center in Asia. Bangalore has only got 3 SSBs. When you compare the total number of candidates getting rejected ( and not the percentage) from Allahabad with Bangalore then the numbers would obviously be much larger. This has led to the creation of the myth.

Another factor which may have caused the strengthening of this myth is the propensity of Indian society’s to believe more in “luck”, “destiny” and so on. In a country where “havans” are conducted by elected leaders and marriage of frogs is organized to reduce pollution & bring rain respectively we as a society may continue to believe such nonsense.

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