Ishan clears SSB!

My name is Ishan Bansal and I recently got recommended from 19 SSB Allahabad for TES-43.  This was my 5th attempt. I got two times conference out and two times screen out in my previous attempts. My journey has been full of ups and downs like each one of us.

I came in contact with Col. MM Nehru sir in August 2018. Since day one, I knew that his guidance will be the most valuable guidance I will get in my life. Four continuous attempts with results not as per the expectations were disappointing for me. Though sir’s guidance always kept me inspired to keep giving my best. Personally, I believe, I will never meet a person like sir. His guidance and ways to tackle problems makes any person competent for life.  I am highly grateful for his priceless guidance.

Coming to my recent SSB, the reporting was at 6:00 AM on 8th Feb. Initially, 172 candidates reported. In stage one, my performance in OIR was 90 percent plus. In PPDT, my story was of 7 lines. My narration was crisp and completed in 30 seconds. In the discussion, I was able to influence the group towards the consensus. We were able to build a consensus and I was nominated to narrate the conclusion in 30 seconds. The result was announced and 22 candidates cleared stage one including me.

In psychology, I attempted 45 WAT, 55 SRT and all TAT. All my responses were natural and unfiltered. I believe that there is no need to practice for pschology which is completely inspired from sir’s guidance.

GTO went more like playing with your friends. Group discussion was similar to discussing with your friends on a topic. Group Planning was like solving a problem with your  colleagues. In group tasks like PGT, I focused more on the structure and was able to give many workable ideas. Lecturette was on Whatsapp and I spoke for 2 minute 30 seconds. Again, Individual obstacles and Group obstacle were like playing with your friends.

Conference went for about 15 minutes and I was asked various questions of general knowledge, which I answered well. Result was announced and six candidates got recommended out of 22.

This SSB was the most enjoyable for me. I wasn’t expecting recommendation, but gave my best. Also, I was completely honest with the system, I wasn’t worried about what will the assesors think of me if I respond like this. I believe that the difference of attitude lead to recommendation. My attitude towards the system was like “I am like this only”.

With respect to sir’s guidance, I would like to suggest the aspirants to have faith in his guidance. You will definitely make it no matter how long it takes.

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