Ishwar Clears SSB

Ishwar Clears SSB

Ishwar of No Frills Academy cleared SSB recently. On behalf of all our students I congratulate him. Please read his words:

Personal Background:

My name is Ishwar Borse, I belong to Dhule Maharashtra. I recently got recommended for SSC(NT) from Allahabad. I completed engineering in 2018 from Pune University and currently I am working in Accenture Technology as Associate software Engineer. I started my SSB journey from December 2017.This was my 10th attempt; before this I got screened out 5 times and conferenced out 4 times over a period of 2 years.

Previous SSB Experiences:

I have appeared for almost all entries like AFCAT, CDS, UES (Army & Navy), TGC, SSC-Tech, that to very frequently from Dec 2017 – July 2018 and needless to say I failed in all of them. I was desperate to get into Armed forces so kept going for SSBs. I had a misconception that the more interviews I attended the higher would be my chances of selection.

Once I started working after graduation, I had to manage leave for SSBs and this reduced my frequency of attending interviews.

Experience with NFA:

I came across Col.Nehru sir’s answers related to SSB on Quora, which were very simple & logical. This was the time when I had already attended SSBs 8 times. Being a working professional, I had paucity of time and taking telephonic guidance appeared to be a wise choice. In our first conversation, he pointed out the personality attributes in which I was good and also those which needed improvement. We devised an efficient daily routine and I continuously worked on it. The WhatsApp group formed by NFA students proved to be really helpful for GD and GPE. He always emphasized the importance of being competent in daily life which was to be the key to success at SSB. I must confirm that there are no shortcuts for success at SSB and this point is true.

My Experience of 10th Attempt:

It was SSC(NT)-111 interview scheduled on 29th Nov 2019 at 18 SSB Allahabad. 73 candidates reported and 42 were retained for stage 2. I wrote simple, short and logical stories. WAT responses were my first reactions, I wrote 43 SRT responses & wrote practical responses. I had prepared SD beforehand & so overall the Psychology test was smooth.

In GDs and GPE I spoke 3-4 times and made sure that I add value to the discussion. My performance in PGT, HGT and FGT was good; I gave ideas whenever needed and implemented ideas shared by the group. I spoke on the easiest topic in Lecturette (T20 cricket) and delivered good facts & opinions. Individual obstacles were fun; I did 11 obstacles. I was called last for the command task and it was more difficult than the tasks which I had encountered in the previous SSB attempts. I did it successfully using various approaches. I was happy with my performance in the CT.

Interview revolved around my PIQ Form, current affairs and the decisions I took in life. I was confident about myself and answered all the question to the best of my ability. It lasted for around 35-40 minutes and I was satisfied with my performance.

During Conference I was called in within couple of minutes of the person before me. Questions asked were the customary ones about food, stay and suggestions.

Results were declared and 2 of us were recommended.

Takeaways and Suggestions:

  • Selection in SSB is not the function of No of attempts. Be patient, work on yourself and you will make it.
  • Desperation to join forces will only lead to failure.
  • Consistent efforts on improving overall competence increase chances of selection exponentially.
  • At the time of testing focus on the task at hand and do not think about the final outcome.
  • Be pragmatic while writing, speaking and performing various tests during SSBs & follow your instinct.
  • Self-belief is the most important quality one needs to have to sail through, especially after repeated failures.

My Comments

Ishwar has given a very comprehensive feedback. I am sure it will be valuable for all aspirants.

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