Its never too late to share your experience- Ashish clears SSB

Hello,this is Ashish Kumar Pal.

This is not a story but a journey which has helped me take better decisions and improve as a person in my life.
My journey till now is like this…I got my 3 screen out in my first 3 attempts (NDA-141,TES ARMY,10+2 BTECH NAVY).I had  guidance classes too but it was more of a burden for me.
I found COL MM NEHRU Sir on quora. Then I followed  him to get whatever platform he was on.Finally ended up in a YouTube channel which had simple Q&A videos of Sir . Watched them again and again so that I  understood the real meaning of each and every point he wanted to convey .

So,worked on following aspects of daily life:-

#physical fitness-(Starting spending 1 hr everyday for running and some more exercises.)

#Started doing whatever I was doing effectively and efficiently.#Started doing a certain number of things at every cost (reading The Hindu , running etc) doesn’t matter I a came late from college
Went for SSB for NDA-142 and Finally Cleared it.

#What went in my favour-#All the above practices improved me and made me more calm & composed

#PPT was good- I narrated in a very natural way .Group was happy and asked me to narrate group story but a candidate stretched the discussion Results Out – Screened in And that gave me the immense satisfaction and confidence that I never looked back .

Psychology Test

We were tired got 2.5 hours for rest and then we had our test.I chose not to rest because my body performs well when I am tired(less energy ,more stability-thats physics).Completed everything but did only 47 SRT was bit sad after hearing my group and most of my other friends did 50-58.Forgot about it and enjoyed then the next day I had my interview (day 2).Borrowed a good file from one of my friend from other group arranged everything certificates quite well which gave proof of my diversity .I went for it .The IO asked the first question on my physical fitness and the next moment I was on the front seat(I ensured that physical fitness was my Brahma Astra .Then he asked more questions and I answered them calmly except during a question that made a drop of sweat come out of my body.

I was (50-50 )not sure.Next day was GTO which I wanted to be best.It started with GDs and I participated well enough and gave good and general points .GPE was easy but we had to be calm for that,I made a good plan later listened excellent points of my friends so agreed with them.We had a good discussion. Later me and one more friend had a clash for final plan narration .Again he won and narrated good enough.Then we had group tasks-PGT ,HGT CT,OC,Lecturette,etc.Did great  -PGT & HGT- Lead the team CT- managed well after takiy too much pressureOC- Did 8 Lecturette- was satisfied

Finally,conference day came .I entered the room full of Officers and an Officer addressed me and asked questions about my stay ,my current education status and lastly “How would I utilise if I get an extra hour in  a Day?”. I answered it .And then she wished me best of Luck and I left before she would ask me for leaving and felt that was my terrible mistake.
Finally ,the results came and the 9th Candidate to be called was chest no.55(total 10 were recommended)
I couldn’t qualify CPSS  Phase – II.
I got medical out in my last attempt.

Thanks sir. It took a lot of time just for forwarding you the story.I got recommended on 15 February 2019.

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