Jimmy Makes Us Proud

Jimmy Makes Us Proud

Jimmy and I have not spoken & if we have then I do not remember. He has shared this message of his success.

Jimmy’s Words


 I am Jimmy Roy. I got merit in for ICG with all India Rank-3. This was my second attempt.

I took one year off from SSBs after my 1st attempt because I acknowledged that if I didn’t get recommended there was something missing in me.

During that time, I introspected a lot and simultaneously started working in Accenture as a software engineer. That was the time when I came across Your answers in Quora. I went through all of your answers in Quora and started following you on Instagram, bought your e-books on psychology and all these things gave me an insight to the real approach to SSB that I had overlooked in the past. 

In the past one year I realized that there is no shortcut to cracking SSB. You develop qualities gradually with time and experiences. No man is perfect but, those who acknowledge their weaknesses and work upon them, can achieve anything.

Thank you very much, sir.

My Note

Jimmy has made No Frills Academy proud & reconfirmed that the systematic, step by step method does work. Thanks Jimmy for making us proud! Good luck!

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