Kamlesh’s Words

Kamlesh Focuses on Self to Clear SSB!

Kamlesh Joshi (mob: 9205207971; e-mail: kamleshjoshi1598@gmail.com) of No-Frills Academy cleared his SSB recently. We congratulate him. He has shared his experience with us.

Kamlesh’s Words

I got recommended on 6 Sep 2019 for IMA-148 from 19 SSB, Allahabad. My journey has been full of ups and downs. This was my 8th attempt. I felt that many of my attempts were unguided and I was just trying to focus on each and every task of SSB rather than working comprehensively on self-improvement. When I met Nehru sir, I had many misconceptions that most aspirants have. In my first conversation he asked me to forget everything that I had learnt from various sites, coaching academies and others. He analyzed my personality and we prepared a blueprint to improve my weaknesses. I think the best thing about sir is that he calls a spade a spade. Initially he told me many of my shortcomings which I felt bad on hearing. Now I feel that those negative points that he uncovered about my personality helped me to improve. If I talk about the basic mantra that I have learnt from sir is that whatever you are doing do it wholeheartedly. That is the reason that I focused more on improving myself as a person rather than clearing SSB. I focused on my daily habits which were set by me after having discussions with sir. I was consistent in my approach and did not worry much about SSB. I always had good interest in general studies so I improved it more and worked on my graduation subjects also. In the interview and also in the conference I was asked about India- China-Pakistan relations and other current happenings and also about physics which was my graduation subject. I was able to answer the questions well. I believe that a simple and focused approach towards our goal starts with improving our habits and we usually ignore that. I focused on improving my competence. Sir always encourages to speak the truth and never lie. This helped me in my interview. I think the lessons that I learnt under sir’s guidance did not only help me in clearing the SSB but also helped me to become a better person which should be the goal of a meaningful life. One important thing that I wish to share which I learnt from sir is  that there is no need to prepare much  about  psychology tests which people do not believe but I feel once you start living a  meaningful life the responses that you write in the  psychology  test will also be matching. Please also note that we should ignore all advice about not using certain words in WAT. Please just write simple sentences conveying correct meaning.

Advice to Aspirants

Focus on enhancing your overall competence and results will follow.

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