Kirti Gets Success!

Kirti Gets Success!

Kirti Rohil of No-Frills Academy cleared her SSB in the very first attempt. She has shared her experience in this blog.

Kirti’s Words

My name is Kirti Rohil & I got recommended in my 1st attempt from 1 AFSB Dehradun for IAF.

I first came to know about Nehru Sir through his answers to SSB related queries on Quora in December 2018 & found his approach very rational. Thereafter I followed his blogs very closely. One & half months prior to my SSB in September 2019 I enrolled with NFA for better guidance from sir.

He assessed my personality after a Skype interview and gave me my strong & weak points. He helped me develop a daily routine to effectively overcome my shortcomings, especially my physical fitness (which I am still working upon). He cleared all my doubts & queries regarding the SSB and made me understand the rationale behind his advice. Sir does not guide specifically for SSB but for enhancing our overall effectiveness in life.

“A Practical guide to Becoming an Officer” & “Fitness Guide” are two books which I abide by.   The WhatsApp group of NFA created to conduct group discussions was extremely helpful to me to enhance general awareness as well as public speaking.


Overall, the only way to clear SSB is to lead a competent & disciplined life, know your strength & weaknesses and actively work on self improvement. Believe in yourself and be confident.

I am thankful to Nehru Sir for his guidance to show me the right path to achieve my goal. Good luck to all aspirants!

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