Knowledge of Core Subjects in SSB

 Knowledge of Core Subjects in SSB

More often than not an Interviewing Officer (IO) will ask questions from the core subjects a candidate has studied. By asking such questions the IO is able to assess the following major qualities about the candidate:

  • Reasoning ability.
  • Practical intelligence.
  • Sincerity with which the subject/subjects were studied.
  • Confidence in knowledge.
  • Focus on study.

In normal course a candidate who has been a systematic, clear-headed and regular student in his life requires no preparation whatsoever to be able to answer the questions being posed. My experience in assessing a large number of candidates has taught me that 80% of the candidates are unable to satisfactorily answer simple and basic questions about their core subjects because of the flaws in their attitude and the education system.

What Should Candidates Do?

Candidates should have acquired clear understanding of their core subjects when they studied them. If they have not studied the subjects with sincerity during school/college, they must acquire this knowledge now. The simple reason for doing so is the fact that I never recommended any candidate who lacked clarity in understanding the simple basic concepts of the subjects he had studied.

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