Kunal Clears SSB!

Kunal Clears SSB!

Kunal Jaswal, (kunaljaswal999@gmail.com) of No Frills Academy cleared SSB recently. He has shared his success story for the benefit of SSB aspirants.

 Kunal’s Words

Hi, I am Kunal and I got recommended from 12 SSB Bangalore for the UES NAVY Entry in my 2nd attempt. One of my cousins, who is serving in the armed forces suggested me to seek Nehru sir’s guidance.

My first interaction with Nehru sir was in October 2018 and I got to know a lot of things about myself. He told me about my weaknesses and what I liked the most is that sir never told me the plan to overcome my weaknesses; he asked me to make a plan for myself. 

 I made a plan and discussed it with Nehru sir and I improved my General Knowledge and communication skills. I also worked on my core electronics subjects. Nehru sir asked me to discuss various national and international topics with him and he also added me in a discussion group which helped me to improve my general knowledge. Whenever I got stuck Nehru sir was always there to guide me.

Nehru sir advised me not to waste time in practicing Psychology tests. He advised me to improve my grammar and I worked upon it. I never practiced Psychology tests. He told me that no story in TAT or sentence in WAT is good or bad but explained things in a broad manner. He also clarified to me that depicting the main character in stories of your age and having similar qualities and having high OLQs are nonsensical ideas created by the coaching academies and useless websites. He also told me to ignore a lot of useless advice given about WAT. He told me to write simple, short, grammatically correct sentences having a sensible meaning and that was all.

Message for Aspirants 

Friends just stop worrying about the SSB procedure and what the assessors are trying to check or learn the 15 OLQs. I don’t know these things. It is sensible to improve yourself. Have a positive approach towards life and work with dedication. There is no shortcut to success, hence work hard to achieve your goals.

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