Life Listicles

Life Listicles by Bishnu

This is a guest blog by Bishnu.

What excites me the most?

  Reading Self Help Books


  • Help me in discovering my potential
  • Get feeling of relaxation after reading it
  • Every time I read I get new perspective about life which motivates me to live life with more satisfaction.
  • Broadens my viewpoint , ideas, thoughts
  • Virtually meeting with successful people  through their book. I believe writing book took much time and it includes learning of ages which I can implement in my life to get better.

My Favorite Movie

    3 Idiots


  • Message that knowledge matters more than marks in living life.
  • Comedy- Every time I watch it I enjoyed it watching
  • Acting
  • Family movie as we can watch it with our family
  • Direction- Fills with excitement at every moment in the movie
  • Songs

My Favorite Star

    Amir Khan


  •  I like his movies very much like “Dangal”, “3 Idiots,” “Lagaan,” “PK” ..
  • Acting is natural
  • Focus on quality rather than quantity
  • He is passionate about his acting like in Dangal movie he worked very hard to become his role
  • Do different roles like ”Satyamev Jayate ”
  • He is a perfectionist.

Favorite Destination?

     Air Force Academy


  • Suits my dream to Join IAF as a Pilot
  • Makes Officers out of Boys
  • Will Bring out the best in me.
  • Will be a Lifetime Experience.
  • Everyday will be full of challenges and learning.

My Best Friend

      Abhay Dhewa


  •  He is very hardworking which motivates me to work harder.
  •  Strong bonding as I lived with for 7 years in hostel .
  •  Heling Nature

 He understand me well and can share anything with him

  •  Cool Minded
  •  Honesty

 Favorite Sportsman

      Sachin Tendulkar


  • Achieved great success in cricket despite many ups and down
  • Never bogged down with failures as he faced many injuries in his career.
  •  Humble nature
  • Passionate about cricket which taught me to be passionate for whatever I do in life.
  • He made his own style , place in cricket . He never copied anyone like playing it my way which motivates me to choose my own path of success and every path is unique

 Biggest Achievement

       Topped the school in class 12


  • Never expected this much which taught me big achievement happens when we only focus on the process, not on the product much.
  • Scored 94 percent which was a record till date in my school despite being the House Vice Captain which taught me that taking responsibility have a positive result in our performances.
  • Studied on my own while all me friends take tutions  which taught me  self help is the best help.
  • It boosted my confidence and given me recognition in school and among friends.

Happiest Moment:Organizing 3 K run


  • Initially I was not confident about conducing it successfully as it was a new initiative I thought to conduct and not many students were willing to participate. But I took the first step and convinced my friends , make a team of volunteer who supported in this .
  • Got a life long learning that small steps matter most.
  • Got maximum support from my classmates which helps in making the event successful.
  • Made my belief stronger that I have the potential to do anything provided I decided to do it.
  • Get a life time experience.

   Leisure Time

            Reading Book and Watching Youtube


  • It make me relaxed .
  • Helps me to broaden my thinking and thoughts.
  • Feel grateful to live in a age of Youtube because it has made learning from great tutors possible at our comfort.
  • Reading book allows me to meet successful people virtually and learn from their life.
  • Help me achieving my objectives to improve my personality.
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