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Balancing both my academic and sports goals has always been important and challenging, and as such, I have had a lot of practice juggling it all over the course of my Badminton career. This has helped me excel both as a player and as a student. Good time management habits that my parent ingrained in me at a young age have helped me succeed. I share my experience with you.

Managing Time

Managing time is vital for success in life. I have learned to make the most out of every minute. With the demanding course load and heavy practice schedule bearing down on me I have very little time to waste. I make a daily schedule and find little ways to fit in more of study and more of sleep. For example, while traveling I catch up on the daily news. I plan my week deliberately and schedule each thing that I have to do and then stick to my plan. I make realistic plan which includes time to relax as well. The dictum: Prepare a practical plan after deliberation and then don’t make changes!

Stay Motivated!

Sometimes I wonder why I decided to take up both sports and academics when everything starts to pile up and I find myself getting overwhelmed. I like Badminton as well as academics.  I also desire to be good at my sport and also be competent at academics. My goals keep me energized and hence I am able to study with good concentration. Since I enjoy what I do I remain motivated. I believe that my efforts will bear fruits and this attitude keeps me going. I have to make each practice session count and also every minute of study! With over 7 hours spent on sport per day I don’t have time to waste!


When I committed myself to academics and Badminton, I realized that I did not leave myself time for much else. While my friends are enjoying their college life and my family members are attending a party, I am often at home doing the assignments I didn’t have time to do, or in the stadium practicing. This is perfectly fine with me as this is the life I chose! Concepts of enjoyment and sacrifice can have different interpretations. I feel that the knowledge I gain and excellence I attain in sport are rewards enough for my efforts. I believe that systematic hard work will get me the results I aspire and there are no short-cuts to attain them!


Sometimes I get so caught up in the demands of it all that I forget to rest. At these times my parents remind me that I must remain human and reward myself with breaks- an outing, an ice cream are as important as training and studies. If I don’t do that there is risk of burnout. I have to keep enjoying what I do, because if I stop enjoying the game and it becomes only ‘work’ then I can’t become a Tendulkar or a Federer!


According to me the busier you are the better you manage your time. My current schedule is occupied by fitness in the early morning, in the forenoon I have my court practice session, in the afternoon I study for an hour and then I am back for my practice session which goes on until the late evening, I come back home, rest for 30 minutes, and then start studying again for nearly two hours then have dinner, do some light reading and sleep. Being busy either with studies or practice helps me to use every minute of the day productively and reach one step closer to my goals. My goals keep me energized; I enjoy my daily routine and get up each morning look forward to accomplishing my targets for the day!

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  1. Really sir u have done sacrifice
    And one thing I understand only focus on your goal.
    Do good hard work with best performance.

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