Consult Dr Saxena for Knock Knees

Respected sir,                         My self Dr.C.P.SAXENA (PT), (email: , mobile: 919616229008) running my own clinic named ANALGIA PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTER at kanpur from past 13 years.I am feeling much honoured after seeing your blog on Instagram about knock knee.                              Its a pleasure for us that Analgia is the only clinic in india where all the orthopedic deformities can be cure without any surgical procedure ,whereas all over india there is only option of surgical procedure for the cure of orthopedic deformities, being a retired defence personal you know exactly about the medical standards of DEFENCE SERVICES MEDICAL BOARD.                             Here I am giving you a list of deformities & diseases which are successfully treated at our clinic…..1.cubitus valgus (carrying angle)2.knock knee (genu valgum/valgus)3.hyper ex.knee(genu recurvatum)4.bow leg(genu varus/varum)5.flat foot(pes planus)6.drooping shoulder/hip7.pelvic girdle deformity8.pectus excvatum/chest deformity9.swan neck deformity/fingre deformity10.winging of scapula11.hyper extended elbow12.hyper hydrosis/Palmer tremors14.colour perceptions15.gynacomastia16.over weight17.cardiac murders/ecg abnormality18.poor convergence of eye                            By the grace of Almighty God we have treated almost more then 01k medical unfit candidates who are now serving for Tri-forces of india republic.we have all the records but it is confidential.                            So therefore I request you sir if any candidate is come to you & ask about these medical issues kindly advise him/her to go to Analgia physiotherapy center.I am requesting you to held a free medical check up camp at your own premises in meerut.we all are  serving for the nation so it’s our moral duty to take care of our students who are preparing for SSB or any examination which is related to indian defence waiting of your answer…… Regards.

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